Dance Classes for Boys in Maryland

Culture, grace, agility, self-esteem, and confidence are some of the attributes gained through dance.  In many cultures, dance is a part of everyday life.  It’s a beautiful form of self-expression, an age-old communication practice, and just plain fun.  Mastering the skill it takes to complete and execute complicated steps calls upon discipline and physical fitness.  For all of these reasons and more, your child should be involved in dance.

At Dance Makers, we encourage all children, beginning at preschool age, to participate in the art of dance through our age-appropriate class schedule.  Our instructors lovingly inspire young and elementary-aged children as well as pre-teens and teenagers through the steps and routines necessary to master their particular level.  Through a variety of dance styles, your son or daughter will gain confidence, become part of a team, and acquire a sense of pride and self-esteem that will serve him or her well for years to come.

How Dance Class Helps Boys

Dance classes for boys are an ideal way for your son, grandson, or special boy in your life, to have fun while honing the qualities appreciated in young men.  By introducing a boy to dance, you’ll provide him with the tools he needs to practice creative, disciplined self-expression, and respect for himself and others while fulfilling that naturally competitive edge some boys seem to covet.

Motivation, discipline, and respect are all called upon as dancers work together towards delivering a performance-worthy routine.  Dance classes for boys encourage community-building.  At Dance Makers, we want everyone to get involved in showing appreciation for our young dancers, encouraging them, and steering them on the path to greatness.

Dance classes for boys are growing. With today’s popular dance culture shown in television competitions and the mainstream recognition of dance as a sport and art,  boys and girls are flocking to dance studios across the country.  Pop culture is figuring out what experts have long known, dance — whether classical ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, or modern, provides so many opportunities for a positive and successful life.

If your son is already involved in team sports, dance classes can develop and hone athletic skills in ways no additional coaching can.  An awareness of his body and its performance ability can’t be learned on the field.  There’s no ball, bat, or hockey puck in dance. Your body is your tool, and performance is up to you.

Embrace the Benefits of Dance for the Boys in Your Life

For some boys, as well as some girls, self-discipline is an issue.  In the early grades or elementary school, lack of discipline can cause frustration for parents and students alike. Dance Makers helps your child develop a sense of discipline, respect for others, and self-respect. Your child will learn the qualities it takes to be a successful student, exceptional citizen, and inspiring leader.

Finally, dance classes for boys provide a creative outlet.  Creativity is key to academic success and problem solving throughout life.  Most of all, creative expression through dance is fun!  Boys especially are whirling, jumping, and expending energy in all sorts of ways, seemingly all the time.  By channeling that energy into controlled movement, your son isn’t just learning the art of dance; he’s having fun.  And, boy or girl, isn’t that what childhood is about?

Schedule Dance Class for Your Son at Our Prince George’s County Dance Studio

If you’re interested in dance classes for boys or any of the many programs we offer, including dance and fitness for adults, contact Dance Makers.  We serve the Prince George’s County area and offer before- and after-school care as well.  We look forward to hearing from you!

FAQs About Dance Classes for Boys

At what age should a boy start dance class?

While dance classes are available as young as age three, these early classes are designed to introduce students to the main steps of dance and give them the chance to learn some basic coordination. These classes can give preschool-aged boys the chance to see if they enjoy dancing before getting more serious about the art form. At around age five, boys can start learning technique. Introduce your child to dance early, then start with ballet to learn basic dance fundamentals before focusing on a different style or technique.

What style of dance is best for boys?

Boys can enjoy any dance style, but all new dancers do best if they start with ballet. Ballet provides the foundation for other dance styles, giving the child the chance to learn some basic techniques and fine-tune abilities before focusing on other dance styles. Ballet is also physically demanding, so the boys that take ballet can gain the physical strength they need for other dance forms. After learning the basics of ballet, boys can explore any style of dance. Hip hop and tap are popular with many boys, but many other forms are worth exploring as well.

Can teenage boys start dance class?

There is no age that is too old to start dance class. Dancers can start at any age, including when they’re teenagers. Many professional dancers do not find their interest in dance until they are in their teens and beyond. Dance Makers has a dance class for boys at any age that express interest in learning to dance.