All Boys Hip Hop Dance

Boys, of all ages, seem to go full speed ahead from the time they open their eyes in the morning. Wouldn’t it be great to channel that energy into something constructive, as well as fun and educational?

At Dance Makers we can help your special young man direct his energy in a positive way through the art of dance.  Our many dance classes offer instruction in several genres of dance, and we gear our dance classes for boys in a specific way so that your young gentleman not only learns dance, direction, discipline and respect, but has fun as well.

For our young male students, we have several classes to choose from.  Each and every class at Dance Makers is geared to your child’s development and age, enhancing his natural abilities, introducing new skills, and helping him achieve a sense of success and accomplishment, pride, and respect for himself, as well as others.  These positive traits will serve your son well all his life.

Hip Hop Dance Classes for Boys

In our Hip Hop class, your child begins with basic instruction, appropriate to his age and abilities, and advances to more complex moves.  Hip Hop is a popular dance style young men want to emulate.  Our professional instructors are equipped with all the latest moves and will have your son performance-ready in no time.

Our choreographers understand that some children are shy, at first, to perform, even as part of a team.  We offer our Hip Hop dance classes for boys specifically so that your son will feel comfortable and more at ease, enabling him to learn the dance moves, work through a complex routine, perfect his style and feel more confident as he builds his skills in Hip Hop dance classes for boys.

Hip Hop is derived from modern street dance.  It’s roots are in urban culture, specifically African-American and Latino.  Although Hip Hop is often considered  a freestyle dance, there are some very specific moves which need to be introduced and acquired through instruction.  Hip Hop dance classes for boys introduces these specific movements and steps so that your child can perform with ease.

Your son will learn the history of Hip Hop as he works through a rudimentary routine and makes his way toward possible competition in the Hip Hop genre.  Hip Hop dance classes for boys helps answer the competitive nature in your child, while developing a respect for the body and what it can do.  This high energy form of dance will have your son breaking, locking, and popping like a pro in no time at all.

Why Choose Dance Makers?

Our community of parents, extended family, and friends, support our Hip Hop dance classes for boys and encourage our young men to succeed.  Your son will find a network of peers, and instructors who will help him develop in ways which go beyond dance.  Hip Hop dace classes for boys will instill the qualities in your child which pave the way for success academically and socially,  throughout his life.  Hip Hop is a positive form of creative self-expression.  And, it’s fun!

 Learn More About our Hip Hop Dance Classes for Boys in Prince George’s County

If your son is interested in this popular dance style, or craves a disciplined way to express himself, you’ll want to find out more about Dance Makers Hip Hop dance classes for boys.  Contact us to speak with one of our highly skilled instructors today.  It’s never too early to begin channeling that energy in a positive direction.