Modern Dance

Modern dance is a creative, dynamic style that was formed in part to rebel against the structured moves of ballet. Classical ballet, while beautiful, can be limiting in its rigid structure. Modern dancers have no limits and are able to move freely and naturally as they interpret the music in the moment. In a way, modern dance is a mix of all dances, with every type of tempo, movement, and rhythm imaginable.

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Our Modern Dance Practices

Young adult man performing a modern dance.Modern dance explores techniques that utilize the entire body to move in abstract ways. Some of the fundamental skills we teach in our modern dance classes include isolations, suspension and release, connecting breath with movement, and the use of momentum. This will be done through a combination of floor work and improvisation.

Modern dance has many styles, but we offer three at Dance Makers: contemporary, lyrical, and hip-hop. For those not familiar with the genre of modern dance, it can be difficult to differentiate them, but each has its own flavor and allows dancers to express themselves in unique ways.

Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a versatile and expressive form of dance that incorporates modern, jazz, ballet, and hip-hop elements. Through contemporary dance, dancers break away from traditional techniques, challenging the status quo and experimenting with new ideas.

Some of the distinguishing features of contemporary dance are:

  • More improvisation: Contemporary dance requires more improvisational techniques than lyrical or hip-hop dance.
  • More floor work: Contemporary dance features a heavy focus on floor work, almost riding gravity to come down to the floor.
  • More skill: All forms of dance require a degree of strength, agility, balance, and control, but contemporary dance demands even more.
  • More mind + body: Contemporary dance helps the dancer develop an enhanced mind-body connection to allow them to convey their interpretation of the music through movement.

Dancers of all ages can pick up contemporary dance, but when a student starts young, the cognitive skills and connections formed in their developing brain creates a lifelong effect for enhanced comprehension and expression.

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Lyrical Dance

Modern lyrical dance is a fusion of classical ballet, fluid jazz, and performance-centered contemporary genres. In lyrical dance, the music used has lyrics, and those lyrics inspire the movements of the dancer. Dancers seek to portray the emotion and story of the song. This genre of dance can adapt to many different types of music, opening a world of enjoyment in expression and culture for the dancer.

Lyrical dance is characterized by these features:              

  • More space: A lyrical dance takes up a lot of space, as dancers travel across the floor with leaps, turns, and walks.
  • More fluidity: Movements in lyrical dance flow seamlessly, one into the other, and must be fluid and graceful.
  • More emotion: Lyrical dance is meant to convey strong emotions that help the audience connect to and interpret the lyrics of a song.
  • More choreography: Lyrical dance incorporates learned and practiced movements, and some form of choreographic structure is often in place during a lyrical dance. However, dancers can and should move beyond the choreography and improvise to express their interpretation of the song.

In our lyrical dance classes for beginners, students learn the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, and modern dance in a friendly and fun environment. If you or your child often find yourselves moved by the lyrics of music and wishing you could dance through the feelings, lyrical dance is for you!

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Hip-Hop Dance

Hip-hop is a trendy, versatile, and utterly enjoyable form of dance. Although hip-hop began decades ago as an offshoot of African Dance, it has remained popular and relevant. Hip-hop will help the dancer loosen up, gain rhythm, and learn controlled isolated movements.

Some of the most iconic elements of hip-hop are:

  • Isolations: Dancers isolate specific parts of their body and move them in a controlled manner, while the rest of their body stays still.
  • Popping: With this technique, dancers quickly contract and relax their muscles, causing them to jerk to the beat of the music.
  • Locking: When locking, hip-hop dancers go from rapid motion to freezing in a certain position, hold that position for a short time, then break out of the freeze to move just as fast as they did before.
  • Breaking: An improvisational and energetic form of hip-hop that involves fast movements performed closely to the rhythm of a song, frequently incorporating acrobatics like flips.

Hip-hop skillfully mixes sharp and fluid movements like no other style of dance, which is what makes it so captivating and cool. Hip-hop is fun for all ages and is a great way to stay active while learning improvisational skills.

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