Benefits of Dance Classes

The art of dance is one of the most primal expressions human beings have.  Dance is universal and found in all cultures around the world. Coordinated movement dates back to prehistoric times.  As non-verbal expression of feelings, needs and desires, movement begins in very early development and before children can even form words.  Movement is innate in human beings and the earliest form of communication.

For children, movement comes naturally.  In fact, most children have a hard time sitting still.  Their inner joy and exuberance takes hold and movement is the result.  Once those movements become deliberate and disciplined, and structure is introduced, you have dance.

Benefits of Dance For Children

For your child, early introduction of structured movement, through gymnastics and dance, is the best way to lay a beneficial foundation which will follow him or her throughout life.  Like a second language, the sooner dance is introduced, the more benefits can be gained by it.  What becomes rote is soon setting the stage for your child to grow and master even more techniques.  Even if your child doesn’t become a professional dancer, dance will serve him or her well, wherever life takes them.

Children benefit from dance in so many ways.  Dance improves dexterity, coordination, range of motion, and endurance.  Through dance, the student becomes physically fit, using the whole body to express creative thought.   The foundation of physical awareness is set through dance.

The Physical Benefits of Dance

Dance classes provide your child with a wonderful opportunity to grow emotionally as well as physically.  Emotions and creative thought are channeled through movement and expressed in a healthy way.  Children learn social skills, which go hand in hand with emotional maturity, by simply learning to work together in a dance class.

At Dance Makers, we encourage strength of character, as well as physical strength.  Social awareness, interaction, and cooperation is fostered in your child through dance class.  We understand your child’s need to relate to others and the world, through culture, community and individuality.  Working in a group dynamic helps your child grow in these essential areas of self-awareness.

Even very young children naturally respond to music through movement.  This movement is a form of creative expression.  Your child is conveying a thought through dance.  Dance Makers encourages children, beginning as young as 5, to dance thoughts, feelings, and ideas, which leads to cognitive strength.  Structured and creative movement enhances your child’s intellectual development as well as strengthens physical development.

As your child moves forward and excels in dance classes, you’ll see a positive impact on academic achievement.  Children who love creative movement, through ballet, tap, jazz and hip-hop, adapt well in any learning environment, making school a successful environment.  A love of learning is nurtured and fostered through dance class.

Dance Classes at Dance Makers

An interest in history and culture are also encouraged and cultivated through dance classes.  Dance Makers instructors will educate your child in the different styles of dance.  We offer Kinderdanz, for the pre-K set, which incorporates ballet, tap, and tumbling.  Advance Kinderclass takes the basics just a bit further.  Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet focus on specific dance styles.  Depending on your child’s interest, you may opt for one or several of our excellent dance classes.

Register For Our Dance Classes in Prince George’s County, MD

Dance and structured movement are so beneficial to development, to deny a child the experience of dance classes seems wrong.  Children should be exposed to all manner of creative expression, and at Dance Makers, we promote and nurture your child’s creativity.  If you would like your child to experience the benefits of dance classes, contact Dance Makers, the metropolitan DC area’s premier dance studio.  Classes are always forming.