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At Dance Makers, Inc. we foster a healthy and fun atmosphere for all students—whether you're just starting out, or you have years of competitive dance experience. We are dedicated to the development of creativity and artistic talent in youth, especially disadvantaged youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.​

Dance Makers, Inc. offers a wide range of award-winning dance classes for kids, teens, and young adults of all ages, including:

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At Dance Makers, Inc. we are more than just a dance studio. We strive to serve our community in several ways by offering a number of educational, supportive, and active-lifestyle programs, including:

  • After-School Programs
  • Summer Dance Camps
  • Summer Soccer Camps
  • And More!

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Give your child a birthday to remember with a Glam Dollz Rock party from Dance Makers, Inc. All of our Glam Dollz Rock events take place in the Glam Suite as the partygoers immediately enter “Pink Drive.” Just as Hollywood has Rodeo Drive we have Pink Drive, which is the road that leads to all things glamorous! The road to all things glamorous leads to Glam Dollz Rock! Glam Dollz Rock birthday parties include exciting activities for your child, lavish decorations, and unforgettable experiences. From a fashion show experience, to glam beauty bar access, to paparazzi photoshoots, we have packages available to guarantee your child will have an unforgettable birthday experience.

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At Dance Makers, Inc. our instructors have years of experience leading dance classes for toddlers, children, teens, and young adults in a variety of dance styles—for students with varying degrees of experience. Many of our instructors have been dancers for most of their lives, danced competitively and professionally, and even studied dance in university settings.


Award-Winning Dance Studio in Maryland

Dance Makers, Inc.

All children benefit from physical activity and having a creative outlet. At Dance Makers, Inc., we believe the study of dance and other performing arts is integral to helping children thrive and grow into happy, healthy adults. Our dance classes and other programs promote mental and physical well-being, encourage creativity, and develop artistic talent in the youth we serve, including disadvantaged children from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Whether your child is looking for a fun physical activity, a way to make friends, or the chance to develop new skills, Dance Makers is the place to be. Our certified instructors are committed to high-quality dance education, professionalism, and, most importantly, fun!

To register for dance classes in Maryland, please contact Dance Makers online or call us at (301) 731-0003.

Dance Classes for Children & Teens in Maryland

A child’s naturally boundless energy and positivity makes dance an ideal outlet. Dance, be it tap, hip-hop, jazz, or ballet, offers fun and creative expression in a controlled environment. While learning the basic steps, children are exposed to the history of movement. Through classical ballet, your child can learn technique and aesthetic appreciation of a form of dance that is centuries old.

At the Dance Makers dance studio, we appreciate your child’s need for creative movement. Through our many dance classes, your child can progress from the beginner to advanced level. Each individual student is encouraged in their desired area of performance art, and all students are afforded the opportunity to audition for competitive dance troupes.


Dance Classes in the DC Area

We offer dance classes for kids and teens of all skill levels. Whether your child has been dancing for years or is just getting started, we have a class for them! We would love to help your child transition smoothly into a fun and healthy dance lifestyle. Choose from:

Not sure which dance style is right for your child? No problem! We offer a free trial period, so you can explore your options before you commit. Contact us to schedule your trial dance class in Maryland today.

Dance Programs

We are more than just a dance studio! We invite families and community members in the DC metro area to take advantage of our diverse programs aimed at saving and strengthening youth. We offer:

To learn more about our dance programs in the DC metro area, please call Dance Makers at (301) 731-0003.

Birthday Parties

Every little girl wants a glamorous birthday party! At Dance Makers, we deliver just that with a Glam Dollz Rock-themed party. The birthday child and all partygoers gather in the Glam Suite, which we lavishly decorate to make the event extra special. The party includes a fashion show experience, glam beauty bar access, paparazzi photoshoots, and much more! We offer three birthday packages to guarantee an unforgettable experience for your child and their friends.

Call us at (301) 731-0003 to schedule your child’s birthday party at Dance Makers!

Dance Instructors

Every instructor at Dance Makers has years of experience leading dance classes for toddlers, children, teens, and young adults. Many of our instructors have been dancers for most of their lives, having danced competitively, collegiately, and professionally over the years.

Set up your free dance class trial to meet our instructors in person.

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Dance is the perfect outlet for a child’s natural boundless energy. Our classes and programs allow for creative expression in a fun, controlled environment. Your child will love learning new skills, proper techniques, and the importance of discipline. Stand back and watch as your young dancer progresses from beginner to intermediate to advanced thanks to our professional, award-winning instruction. During their time with us, all students are encouraged to pursue their desired dance style and are given the opportunity to audition for competition teams if they’re interested.

To learn more about our dance classes in the DC metro area, please call Dance Makers at (301) 731-0003 or contact us online.