Contemporary Dance Classes in Lanham, MD

Contemporary dance is, perhaps, the most individualized form of dance today.  Incorporating elements of all the popular and enduring dance styles, such as ballet, hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance, contemporary dance also draws on the mind-body connection that defines lyrical dance. Contemporary dance’s poetic and fluid movements are interpretive and original, even if the dancer is drawing on a choreographed piece performed as an ensemble.

For those moved by music in a dynamic and original way, and feel drawn to dance as a form of expression, contemporary dance is a wonderful way to combine all the fundamentals of traditional dance genres with contemporary style.  At Dance Makers, Inc, our Contemporary Dance Classes are a feel-good way for young dancers to express themselves in a relaxed and positive atmosphere.

The Dance Makers Difference

Our staff at Dance Makers appreciates each child’s individual talents.  We help your son or daughter turn a passion for movement into an art form and a vehicle for self-expression like no other.  Through our elementary school age, tween and teen classes we not only encourage growth in skill and talent, we provide a fun way to combine structure and discipline with emotion and expression, channeling both in a healthy direction.

Modern Dance vs Contemporary Dance

For those not familiar with the genre of contemporary dance, it’s difficult to differentiate between modern, lyrical, and contemporary.  While all dance is a form of artistic expression, contemporary dance, even rehearsed, incorporates  more of the dancers’ own  improvisational techniques than either modern or lyrical dance.  Contemporary dance also utilizes more floor work than even modern dance.

Each style draws on strength, agility, balance, and control, but contemporary dance demands even more of the dancer.  The mind-body connection of contemporary dance incorporates the dancers’ interpretation of the music, and requires that interpretation be conveyed through movement.  Contemporary dance, especially when the student begins at an early age, helps to hone those cognitive skills used in comprehension and understanding-a real plus when it comes to academics.

Dance classes of all kind allow self-expression to some degree.  Contemporary dance classes involve a cooperative study of interpretation of music and mood.  Lifelong bonds are formed and the foundation for a healthy lifestyle is set.  The benefits gained from a class in contemporary dance last for life.

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For children, and adults, in metropolitan Washington, D.C., Dance Makers, Inc is the area’s premier dance studio.  Our staff of dance instructors appreciates the time and effort you, and your child, make to attend our classes and become an important member of our community.  We take your trust in us very seriously and strive to make dance as a whole a positive and delightful experience.

Dance Makers class schedule is designed to accommodate your child.  With after school programs, dance camps, evening and weekend classes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your family.  Contact Dance Makers, Inc today and schedule a tour of our studio.  We look forward to introducing you and your child to contemporary dance.