Best Valentine’s Day Dance Types

Valentine’s Day isn’t far away, which means that you may want to begin thinking about something romantic that you can do with your partner, and what’s more romantic than dancing? It is a great opportunity for both of you to learn how to dance or to improve the dancing skills you already have.

Romantic Types of Dance for Valentine’s Day

It’s always fun to try new things with your partner, so why not take a dance class together this coming Valentine’s Day?? The following are some of the most romantic types of dance that you can learn:

  • Argentine Tango – Argentine Tango is a very passionate dance that goes through many different stages, with embraces that are closed as well as very open. The trick with the Argentine Tango is that the couple must be very in tune with each other’s movements since their feet have to be close as they walk. The tone of the dance can change drastically from one to another, somewhat like a passionate love affair, as it can go from calm to fiery within moments.
  • Rumba – There are two main types of rumba. There’s the rumba from Cuba, which got its name from the word used as a synonym for “party” in Cuba, and then there’s the American Rumba, which is a type of ballroom dance. Both versions can be very romantic in different ways, although learning the American version is a great way to improve your standard ballroom dancing abilities.
  • Salsa – Salsa is a Caribbean-influenced dance that originated in New York in the 1970s and is marked by the movement of the lower body, while the upper body remains almost unaffected. It’s often said that the dance was given the name “salsa” because of its hot and spicy connotations.
  • Samba – Samba is a Brazilian dance style with roots in African culture. These days, its a type of dance that is recognized as being a staple of Brazilian culture. However, it’s the international form of samba that is considered most romantic. This type of samba is a ballroom version with heavy influences of the original dance, which is more of a solo dance.
  • Waltz – For a romantic type of dance that’s more elegant than it is fiery, the waltz fits the bill perfectly. It’s an iconic dance that reflects a very strong relationship. It dates back to 16th century Europe and is performed closely together, to the point where the faces of the couple almost touch. There are many different types of the waltz dance, such as the faster Viennese Waltz and the slower Country Western Waltz.

Scheduling Dance Lessons in Maryland

These are just a few of the types of dance that are perfect for a romantic couple to learn on Valentine’s Day. Here at Dance Makers, we offer a variety of different dance classes, including classes to help you learn the basic skills of dance as well as Zumba classes, which incorporate a variety of different styles of dance, many of which are romantic, such as salsa, samba, meringue, and more.

For information about the different types of dance classes that we offer, be sure to contact us at Dance Makers today!