Technique Dance Classes in Lanham, MD

Opportunities for extracurricular youth activities are typically abundant. By the time children reach adolescence, they likely have tried a few sports, a little dance or gymnastics, swimming and maybe even a specialty like karate or guitar lessons. Parents expose their kids to a variety of activities to help them practice cooperation and listening skills, or to encourage healthy physical development. Kids look at each opportunity as a way to have fun spending time with friends while learning something new.

Dance Makers, Inc., in Maryland is committed to serving young people in the DC metro area. Their mission is to promote creativity through the study of dance and other performing arts. They serve a wide area, focusing primarily on giving disadvantaged youth from diverse cultures a chance at success. Trained instructors know the risks these children face every day, and they are committed to building up youth by promoting physical and mental well-being.

What Are Technique Dance Classes?

Technique dance classes offer an opportunity for children and adolescents to hone their dance skills in various dance genres. Dance Makers offers technique classes in Hip Hop, Ballet and Tap. Children who have the basic foundational skills of dance can further improve their understandings and physical skills in a technique class. The classes focus on center floor work and progression across the floor. Instructors work exclusively on the proper placement of feet and arms while continuing to practice perfect form on turns, jumps and extensions.

Technique classes take youth to the next level of expertise. A child is ready for technique class when he or she can perform the basic foundational steps of the dance genre. Students enrolled in technique classes are ready to commit to hard work and practice. They are confident in their abilities and understand that dance requires practice, dedication and perseverance. The benefits of technique dance classes include expanded knowledge of dance, and improved skills and understandings. The students’ confidence and self-image improve and grow as they realize that all their hard work pays off in many ways.

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Instructors at Dance Makers, Inc., in Maryland know that the bottom line for kids is to have fun during dance class. They offer a variety of dance classes for kids ages three and up. Adults can even participate in dance or Zumba classes.

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