Young girl practicing ballet in a dance studio.

Is Ballet a Dying Art?

Ballet has a rich history around the world, and it has been providing enjoyment to dancers of all ages for centuries! While some may wonder whether ballet is a dying art, Dance Makers knows that it is a valuable form of dance that allows one to express their creativity while strengthening both their body and mind. All forms of dance are rich with culture and history and require immense training and dedication, and the art of ballet is no different. Keep reading to learn more about the history of this beautiful dance form and the benefits it offers!

The Beginning of Ballet

Dating back centuries, ballet has been a mainstay in the realm of dance, and it is an incredible example of what the human body can do. Originating in the Italian Renaissance courts for entertainment purposes in the 15th and 16th centuries, ballet swiftly spread to France following the marriage of Italian-born aristocrat Catherine de’ Medici to Henry II, and it is here that it was later formalized. Over time, ballet became more of a theatrical performance, garnering admiration from a wider range of individuals.

Is Ballet Really Dying?

Though ballet may be seen as a thing of the past, this is in fact not the case at all, although there are a few reasons as to why people could think so. For one, ballet was recognized at first by aristocrats, so many people may view ballet as an outdated product of higher class. Ballet is also notably a rigorous and demanding dance for anyone to become a part of, and it can be tough to fight your way into that coveted spot, which could be a turn-off to many.

Nowadays, ballet is still going strong. Although some old-fashioned attributes of the dance may have been cast aside, modern ballet is somewhat of a merge of old techniques and contemporary ones. Though this has always essentially been a part of it, ballet also often relies on the coordinated music and costumes of each performance as well, making it a well-rounded object of both entertainment and sophistication. Within the last century or so, ballet seemed to delve deeper into the act of storytelling and has become much more nuanced.

Benefits of Enrolling Kids in Ballet

Ballet, like any field of study, is chock-full of history and lessons meant to inspire and improve the well-being of all who partake in it. Ballet is commonly seen as the foundation of dance as it extracts poise, grace, and other crucial techniques and knowledge needed to excel in other areas of dance. That being said, ballet is an incredible place for kids to start should they desire to dabble in the large realm of dance. Other benefits include:

  1. Enhanced posture
  2. Social interaction
  3. Creative expression
  4. Higher level of confidence
  5. Pure enjoyment

What Dance Makers Offers

There’s a reason ballet has been around for hundreds of years and is still held in high regard. One can benefit physically, mentally, and emotionally from the dance, all the while recognizing its rich history as well as the positions it has held within an array of societies.

Alongside ballet, Dance Makers offers classes in a range of different genres including tap, jazz, and hip-hop, so there is sure to be something for everyone. Dance Makers is equipped with certified instructors who are committed to quality dance education and professionalism, and they offer classes to students of all ages.

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