Yoga Classes

We are delighted to now offer yoga classes at our studio in Lanham, Maryland. Choose from kids yoga classes, family yoga, or adult yoga classes for all ability levels. See our class schedule for details.

Kids Yoga Classes

Ages 4-6 Yoga

In this 45-minute class, kids ages 4-6 will strengthen their bodies as they practice basic yoga poses. Students will also practice with a partner and learn group yoga poses. We play lots of fun yoga games as we learn mindfulness activities, breathing exercises and relaxation/visualization techniques.

Ages 7-10 Yoga

Students will develop strength, balance and coordination through yoga games, challenging yoga sequences, and partner/group poses. In this 45-minute yoga class for children ages 7-10 years, children will learn healthy mechanisms for coping with stress and anxiety. We’ll practice developing self-esteem in a non-competitive setting. Students will also learn about self-love and why showing kindness to others is important.

Family Yoga Classes

Ages 2-6 + Adults

Age appropriate yoga poses, partner poses and group poses are used to encourage family bonding time in this 45-minute yoga class for parents and children ages 2-6 years old, all while we build confidence and self-esteem. Art, music and fun yoga games for the whole family are featured in this class!

Adult Yoga Classes

Meditation and Breathing

Don’t worry if you think you’re “not good at” meditation—in this class, we’ll explore this often-overlooked area of yoga practice through a variety of techniques accessible to yogis of all experience levels.

Restorative Yoga

This relaxing, slower-paced yoga class focuses on cleansing breathing and meditation techniques as we ease into each pose. We’ll spend most of our time in floor-oriented postures, giving ourselves time to feel the restorative benefit of each post. We’ll practice yin techniques, which you can incorporate into your self-care routine. Dress in light layers for comfort and freedom of motion.

Back Care Plus

Appropriate for students of all experience levels. Learn smart stretching and strengthening with safe techniques for the whole spine. Learn to live with less pain and greater comfort as you move through your day. We’ll learn relaxation strategies, too.

Gentle Yoga

Let’s be present! This class is suitable for yogis with all experience levels (including no yoga experience!). You’ll get a little bit of movement and plenty of relaxation.

Hatha Yoga

Stretching and strengthening are at the core of this class as we embrace a holistic approach to well-being. Improve your technique as you learn about the practice of yoga. This is an active yet accessible class.

Revive Express

Drawing from fitness and yoga techniques, Revive Express includes dynamic movements and the use of “equipment” available in your own home, such as a chair or tennis ball, to revive your body and mind!

Yoga Flow, or Vinyasa

“Vinyasa” refers to linking breath with movement. The term is usually translated as “flow,” as each posture flows into the next. In this class, you’ll develop strength, flexibility, stamina and centeredness. Challenge yourself with modifications to the poses to tailor the class to your level of practice. This class features a faster pace and fewer detailed instructions and may be most accessible to experienced yogis.

Yin Yang Yoga

Discover the benefits of vinyasa flow combined with the stillness of yin. In this class, instructors offer variations or modifications to help you tailor the class to your experience and fitness level. Move, breathe and find yourself in yoga.