Frequently Asked Questions

How late can we register a new student?

Answer: We register new students typically up through March (depending on the style of dance) for the school term( fall to spring). Unlike most​ studios, the first half of the year is geared towards instruction of technique. We do not start any showcase (recital) dance until January. We encourage you to enroll a student as early as possible to maximize the amount of technical instruction they get. It is easier to join a hip hop class later than it is ballet. If you don’t join our studio in September, please don’t think “well, there’s always next year!” Please Ask! Call us or email us!

Can we try a class first?​

Absolutely! We have no obligation policy with regards to trying any of our classes. Call to schedule a trial class to make sure there’s room in the particular class you are interested in, sign a waiver, and that’s it! If you like it, sign up! if not, thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach you! Please keep in mind our prorating policy if you choose to continue. You are only responsible for the Saturdays remaining within the current month. Secondly, if you register on the day of your trail class, you will receive fifty(50) percent off your your registration fee.
Simple, easy and straightforward.

Is there a registration fee? What is that for?

Yes, there is an annual registration fee. The registration fee goes towards a number of things. First and foremost it holds your place in the class, guaranteeing your spot (some classed do reach capacity!). Secondly, it helps us offset the numerous charges we incur during the busy registration period… for extra staffing of our front desk during hours we are not usually open too the many printing cost of contracts, flyers etc.

Are there any hidden fees I need to know about?

We pride ourselves on being straightforward with all of our customers. We go over all fees you can expect to incur during the school year. In addition to the registration fee and monthly tuition, there is a showcase (recital) costume fee and ticket/DVD fee as well.
It’s all laid out for you in the contract, in plain English. And when you go to sign the contract, we’ll also write out the charges and dates for you to initial by. Any questions, just ask! We want you to be fully aware of what you are signing and what you can expect for the year.

Do you offer Birthday Parties? How much is it, and what does it entail?

Dance Makers does offer a variety of birthday packages to suite your individual need. Our birthday packages are designed to provide your child with a “Danc’n Good Time”. Please contact a member of our staff for availability and pricing.