Summer Dance Camps in Maryland

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Kids tend to get a little lazy as soon as summer break rolls around, so parents know how challenging it is to get them off the couch (and out of the house). By enrolling your child in a summer dance camp at Dance Makers, you can relax knowing he or she is physically active and learning something new (and something fun!). Our trained instructors know just how to get your little one’s feet moving!

Summer dance camps in MarylandDance Makers’ fun and productive summer dance camp, called One Step Forward Summer Camp, will give your child an unforgettable and enriching experience this summer. Your child will learn a number of dance styles and life skills and have the chance to experience weekly field trips, for a summer camp experience unlike any other.

Give your child a safe, fun, and productive summer experience with our One Step Forward Summer Camp.

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What You Need to Know About Our Summer Dance Camps

Our summer dance camp is designed for children ages 5-13. One Step Forward Summer Camp focuses on enhancing the performer’s creativity and physical skill. This includes creating an active stage presence, dance technique training, ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and taking creative risk.

Summer Dance Camp Hours:

  • Camp Hours – 9:00 am – 3:30 pm
  • Before Care Hours6:30 am – 9:00 am
  • Aftercare Hours – 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm

Our Maryland Summer Dance Camp Benefits

Summer dance camps in Maryland offer a bit of structure to a child’s day while still offering a fun outlet to get their energy out. Summer dance programs provide proven benefits for younger and older children:

  • Accepting Environment: Learning dance can be intimidating for some kids who might feel like they aren’t coordinated enough or “good” enough in some other way. Summer dance camp instructors create a welcoming environment where every child can thrive and feel accepted. Children will learn to take risks and feel proud of their accomplishments.
  • Goal Setting: Lazy days without much to do are okay in moderation, but too much lying around isn’t healthy for little bodies. Our summer dance camp will ensure your child develops their own motivation to accomplish a goal this summer. Whether your child is an experienced dancer or just starting out, they will set specific goals during the camp.
  • Friendly Competition: The biggest goal of summer dance programs is to welcome and encourage all kids to participate in fun activities. However, if your child is craving a little competition, they can have it. Many summer dance camps offer a chance to be on a competitive team that competes against other summer dance program teams.
  • Freedom of Expression: Dance is about expressing your emotions, connecting with your body, and learning to move fluently. Children wrestle with many emotions and obstacles as they grow up, and dance, like any physical activity, will not only release endorphins but also help them work through their feelings. Our summer dance camp will teach your child how to use positive methods to deal with stress by working with others. It’s our mission to develop your child’s sense of self.

Consider enrolling your child today to give them an experience filled with learning, laughing, and friendship. Learning new dance techniques might grow into a lifelong passion for dance or plant the seed for future accomplishments in other areas. Either way, your child will be growing into a healthy, happy, confident young adult.

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We can see it clearly already. We see it every summer, as countless children in the DC metropolitan region experience all that One Step Forward Summer Camp offers. We invite you to contact our camp to get an idea of what your child will experience this summer!

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