Beyond The Mat Yoga For Kids in Prince George’s County, MD

View of young girl's hands on pink yoga mat.

Yoga is a safe and healthy physical activity that offers countless benefits for children. As a fun outlet for kids’ energy that promotes physical strength and balance, it’s easy to see the advantages of yoga. But the biggest benefits are the ones we see beyond the mat; the lessons and skills that our students carry into their school and home lives. Our Beyond The Mat yoga classes seek to teach students not only yoga, but also healthy strategies for mindfulness, focus, and relaxation.

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Yoga Class for Kids in Prince George’s County

In this class, kids will focus on improving coordination, increasing flexibility, and creating strength. Students will be introduced to various breathing and visualization techniques that can be utilized beyond the mat. They will also begin to practice mindfulness and meditation though yoga poses and relaxation techniques.

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Benefits of Yoga for Kids

Just like for adults, yoga has countless benefits for kids. We’ve listed our favorites below:

  • Develops focus and concentration – To succeed at yoga, kids must learn to clear their minds and focus on achieving the poses. They will then carry this focus into the classroom and all other areas of life.
  • Boosts self esteem and confidence – Like any physical endeavor, yoga requires that children be patient, learn, overcome obstacles, and work towards their goals. Working to succeed at yoga and achieving new poses gives kids a sense of accomplishment and prepares them to work toward other goals in life.
  • Increases physical flexibility – Yoga supports physical strength and teaches children how to use their growing bodies in new ways.
  • Enhances balance and coordination – The balance and coordination they learn in yoga will help children in any sport or physical activity they choose to do in the future. It will also give them a sense of confidence in their own body.
  • Improves emotional regulation – When children learn to be present and relax during yoga, they can also employ the same strategies off the mat to ground themselves when events create big feelings for them.

Starting yoga young will allow children to reap these benefits far into the future! Their successes in yoga will build on top of each other to help children feel more confident, capable, and ready for anything that comes next.

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The Positive Impact of Yoga on Special Needs Children

Yoga is good for all children, but it has been found to be particularly beneficial to children with special needs.

  • For children with ADHD, regular yoga has been shown to decrease some of the symptoms associated with ADHD. The focus on mindfulness and being present helps children work on their attention skills, and has been shown to reduce hyperactivity.
  • For children with autism, yoga helps to reduce anxiety, improve motor coordination, and strengthen self-regulation. A study completed by New York University concluded that yoga reduced autistic kids’ aggressive behavior, social withdrawal, and hyperactivity.

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Learn More About Our Beyond The Mat Yoga for Kids

Enrolling your child in our yoga classes will yield positive results in all areas of their life. To learn more about how yoga with Dance Makers can help your child achieve greater strength, lower anxiety, and enhanced focus, reach out to us today!

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