Jazz Dance Classes for Boys in Maryland

Professionally Instructed Boys Dance Classes in Prince George’s County

At Dance Makers, we offer a variety of dance classes for boys, and jazz is a great choice for boys of all ages. Jazz is a phenomenal way for the boy in your life to enjoy movement and music while spending time with peers in a classroom environment. When you enroll your son in jazz classes at our dance studio, you’re giving him entry into a unique piece of Americana.

Our jazz dance classes taught by experienced and dedicated dance instructors will help your son improve physical fitness, enhance coordination and balance, and sharpen cognitive skills.

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What is Jazz Dance?

Jazz originated in the United States in the early 1900s. By blending the cultural dance styles of both Africa and Europe, this relatively new dance style became a quick favorite of many.

When your child begins learning the techniques incorporated in jazz dance for boys, he is mastering an all-American hybrid and a classic piece of this country’s history.

Boy Jazz Dance Classes at Our Studio

No matter how young, our jazz dance classes for boys will have your son performing the classic style of American jazz dance.

Jazz dance today introduces the sleek moves of Broadway, street moves inspired by urban culture, and even some ballet-like leaps and spins.

Our jazz dance classes for boys incorporates the mastery of choreographed movement such as:

  • Leaps
  • Turns
  • Shuffles
  • Kicks
  • And more

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Benefits of Jazz Dance Classes for Boys

Jazz dance classes for boys don’t just serve as a way for your son to express himself today—jazz dance sets a foundation for life! In addition to helping your son develop good healthy habits in the form of physical activity and fitness, jazz dance strengthens your child’s core and builds muscle so that future endeavors in dance, or athletics, will be enhanced by his strength and abilities.

Just like all of our dance classes at Dance Makers, jazz dance classes for boys will help your son develop the discipline to apply himself, follow instructions, and builds focus and concentration. This will serve your young man well as he progresses through school and life.

Boys Jazz in Maryland—More Than Just a Dance Class

Dance Makers is more than just a dance studio. During all of our dance classes, we foster a deep appreciation for the culture of dance in a unique setting. Lifelong bonds are formed and our students develop that sense of self essential to healthy growth and development.

Our instructors at Dance Makers are skilled in helping your child master the right moves and view themselves as a significant part of the bigger picture as they work with their fellow dancers to execute a routine.

To sign your child up for jazz dance classes at our studio, contact us online or give us a call at (301) 731-0003.

Trusted & Professional Dance Studio in Maryland

Dance Makers serves the metro DC area. Our studio is located in Lanham, MD, and we have dance classes for all ages. We offer a complete range of dance classes beginning at the toddler age through adulthood.

We also offer other classes for boys such as ballet and hip-hop. We also offer after-school dance programs, summer dance classesfloor gymnastics, Zumba, and many adult classes as well.

Schedule Jazz Classes for Boys

If you’re considering introducing your son to jazz dance classes, Dance Makers is the place to start! Schedule a time to come by and preview one of our classes, tour our studio, and meet the instructors.

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