Lyrical Dance Classes in Lanham, MD

While all choreographed dance is an expression of the dancer’s emotions on some level, lyrical dance is by far the most personally expressive example of the art of dancing. Made popular in Russia in the early 20th century, modern lyrical dance is a fusion of classical ballet, fluid jazz, and performance-centered contemporary genres.  Though lyrical dance does incorporate learned and practiced movements, it also hones the dancers’ improvisational skills, much like contemporary dance. Lyrical dance puts the dancer to the test as it pushes beyond the learned dance movements, engaging performer an audience in an expression of the lyrics conveyed by a given song.  Although there are elements of classic dance genres in lyrical dance, this expressive form of movement allows the dancer the freedom to move as the song moves him or her.

Lyrical Dance Style is Growing in Popularity

Lyrical dance has become mainstream, thanks, in part to popular television shows which showcase dance today.  If your child shows an interest in moving and grooving to the music, along with an understanding of the poetic lyrics in today’s songs, lyrical dance is a wonderful opportunity for him, or her, to express those feelings.

Lyrical Dance Classes by Dance Makers

Elementary school kids, as well as ‘tweens, and teens, who show an interest in dance and a love of music and movement, will benefit from Dance Makers, Inc lyrical dance classes.  In our lyrical dance classes for beginners, students learn the fundamentals of ballet, jazz, and modern dance in a friendly and fun environment. As the student becomes more adept at mastering the fundamentals, the dance becomes more challenging, encouraging the dancer to express the lyrics along with the music. Your child is soon telling a story as he or she translates words into movement.  As your child moves forward in the art of lyrical dance, perhaps to a point of performance competition, Dance Makers continues to make the experience a fun, yet disciplined activity. Considering an after school dance program but worried about your child’s schoolwork? We also host a program called My S.M.A.R.T.S. Kid that offers homework assistance, tutoring, and support to your little one!

A Fun and Functional Dance Style

Lyrical dancers are making a name for the genre as performers for big name artists in concerts and stage shows.  By helping the artist tell the story of a given song, through choreographed interpretation, lyrical dancers enhance and complete any performance.  The genre of lyrical dance can adapt to many different types of music, and opens a world of enjoyment in expression, and appreciation of culture, for your child. Dance Makers, Inc is the premier studio for all types of dance in the Washington, D.C. area.  Well our objective is to produce talented, well-trained dancers in metropolitan D. C., our staff is devoted to building community.  Our students bring with them a desire to dance and we help direct that desire into a positive and friendly experience for all. In our dance classes at Dance Makers, we develop discipline and determination while encouraging the relationships necessary to come together as a team. Contact Dance Makers, Inc. today for more information on our Lyrical Dance Class, or any of our many other programs for children and adults. We offer these classes to those in Columbia, Washington, DC, and the surrounding communities.