When Can My Child Start Dance Classes?

Do you ever look at your toddler and think “wow she’s a natural” when it comes to dance? Of course! Toddlers love moving their bodies-even if there’s no music.  And the 1-to-3 year old set is especially fond of performing to the appreciation of a “crowd”. But how old is “old enough” for your child to begin dance classes?

The toddler years are the optimum time to begin your child in formal dance classes. Although the curriculum isn’t as structured as classes offered for elementary age students, the earlier you begin to instill an appreciation for music and movement, the sooner your young child will reap the benefits of dance.

Is My Child Ready for Dance Classes?

By the time your child reaches elementary school dance is already popular among his peers. Many of her classmates are already taking part in recitals and performances, gaining the discipline and direction necessary to classroom success as well as choreographed dance and creative expression.

All toddlers have the innate ability to move and groove to the music they hear. Just sit back and observe even very small babies and the way they respond to music on the television, in the car, or anywhere. They wiggle and sway to the rhythm and clap their hands to the beat. They feel the music.

The Many Benefits of Dance

Beginning dance classes at such an early age-between 18 months and 2 years-is extremely beneficial for your child. Toddlers are exploring their environment, getting to know life as an individual, making friends and exercising their preferences. When you introduce your little one to “formal” dance, you’re opening up a world of fun possibilities and new things to learn for them.

Dance is a wonderful activity for children of all ages. Not only are they learning what their bodies are capable of, and how to move them to express their emotions, but dance classes help to increase fitness, posture, coordination, balance and flexibility.  As motor skills develop, your child is also increasing her cognitive abilities.

Moreover, pediatric studies have found that dancing helps reduce stress, calms anxiety, and depression. Dance classes will aid in even the youngest children’s social development. Mastering skills boosts self-esteem.

Music and movement are deeply rooted in all human beings. Dance takes these fundamental abilities and helps your little one learn to use them to express their feelings in a healthy manner. As your child grows, dance grows right along with him. Dance opens up the world by introducing an appreciation for cultural diversity.

Dance Studio for All Ages in Maryland

All of these benefits are waiting just inside the next dance class. At around 18 months to 2 years old your child is already capable of some “complex” choreography. She may not know what kind of dance she feels drawn to, but introducing the basics and rudimentary skills at this age is ideal for beginning to explore all that dace has to offer. If you’re interested in finding out more about dance classes for your tiny dancer, contact Dance Makers today.