Hip-Hop Dance For Children

Hip-Hop Dance Classes For Children in Maryland by Dance Makers Inc.

Your child’s inner dancer has been moving and grooving since birth.  Children naturally express themselves through movement and have no fear, or embarrassment, when it comes to those “watch me” improvised dance “recitals”.  Most young children are eager to jump up and move to the music-the faster the beat, the better-as creative expression.  For that reason, hip-hop classes for children in Maryland provide an ideal outlet for some of your child’s inner exuberance.

Since appearing on the dance scene in the early-1970’s, hip-hop has moved from cultural dance trend among urban teens, to a legitimate classic form of dance.  Albeit, having a much shorter history than, say, ballet, or even tap, classic hip-hop has long been recognized for its energetic moves and fluid steps.  Though hip-hop dance appears to be somewhat “free-style”, this cultural and classic form of creative expression has evolved in the past few decades into a style of dance that can be learned and honed through hip-hop classes for children in Maryland.

Benefits of Hip-Hop Dance Classes For Children

Dance classes in general provide a structured outlet for your child’s need for self-expression. In a studio setting, your son or daughter will be able to move and dance and express him or herself appropriately and under the guidance of a qualified professional instructor.   By learning and achieving, along with his or her peer group, your child will feel a sense of accomplishment, as well as teamwork and camaraderie.

Hip-Hop is more than Just Dance

The origins of movement in hip-hop dance go much further back than urban street dance.  The rhythmic movements and controlled steps have their foundation in African Dance.  The hip-hop style is rich with the history of generations and proud culture.  The music, movement and ethnic culture come together in hip-hop.

When you enroll your child in hip-hop classes for children in Lanham, MD, you’re providing him or her with an education in culture.  For many students, hip-hop dance is the kind of structured outlet that encourages a sense of pride.  In today’s busy world, it helps, on so many levels, for children to have a positive outlet for their seemingly endless store of energy.  At Dance Makers, we provide a safe and structured environment that fosters self-control, friendship, mentoring, and, yes, fun!

Positive Environment

It’s been said that children are like sponges, soaking in all that surrounds them.  For this reason, the best gift you can offer your child is an ability to gain and enhance their concept of the many different cultures.  Hip-hop classes for children in Maryland offer a safe and friendly environment, positive reinforcement and the type of instructors your child will look up to and want to emulate.

Self-expression through dance is one of the more ideal ways to engage and nurture the very young in physical well-being, goal-setting, self-control and achievement through applying these skills.  Hip-hop classes for children in Maryland call upon your child as much physically as most team sports.  All in all, there is much to be gained by introducing your child to the world of dance.

Hip-Hop Dance Classes for Children in Prince George’s County

At Dance Makers, Inc. we take your child’s personal development, on every level, very seriously, and we respect your trust in us.  Our professional dance instructors strive to help your child master the art of hip hop, ballet, tap and jazz through our range of classes.  Our studios also offer gymnastics, classes for teens and even adult work out classes.  If you’re interested in hip-hop classes for children, or any of our other instructional classes, contact Dance Makers, Inc. today.