Affordable Dance Classes in Maryland

Enrolling your child in dance is one of the best gifts you can give them. At Dance Makers, we believe that gift should be accessible to all children and parents, which is why we are one of the most affordable studios in Maryland. We want to help you make it work for your children! Structured dance classes help children develop a healthy sense of self through creative expression, the practice of self-control, forming meaningful relationships, and working as part of a team. Studies have shown that this type of activity can also lead to healthy cognitive development!

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Dance Makers Benefits Children in Maryland

At Dance Makers near DC, we believe all children should be able to share in the many benefits of dance. That’s why we make our classes affordable to all members of our community. The benefits of dance classes extend far beyond recitals and competitions—they help develop bright young children with self-discipline, a strong work ethic, and a love for their community.

Our traditional curriculum begins with preschool and our KinderDanz program, which is a delightful way for three- and four-year-old children to be introduced to structured dance. Our instructors make the experience fun, while children enjoy the satisfaction that comes from mastering specific skills. Our gymnastics and tumbling classes are also open to the younger age group.

For school-age children, Dance Makers offers a broad range of classes. From classic ballet and tap to hip hop and jazz, and even contemporary and lyrical, our classes are as individual as your child. For those children who long to fully embrace dance throughout their formative years, Dance Makers All Star Competition Dance Troupe may be the perfect goal!

Dance Makers Is More Than a Dance School

Our One Step Forward program provides after-school care that combines help with homework, learning dance, and interaction with peers, all in a safe environment for your child. We provide summer dance camp and even soccer camp for children in the Greater DC metro area.

Schedule a Free Trial Dance Class

At Dance Makers, Inc., we strive to make the positive experience of learning dance available and affordable to everyone. Stop by and visit our studio in Lanham, MD. Feel free to inquire about all of our classes and programs online, and sign your child up for a free trial class today. We also offer Zumba and adult classes as well.

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