Best Type of Dance Classes for Beginners

If your child has expressed an interest in taking dance classes, you may be wondering which type of dance classes are best for a beginner. The choices when it comes to dance classes can be so varied that it can become overwhelming, so which is the right type of dance class for your child.

The Best Type of Dance Class for Beginners

If your child is younger than six and has expressed interest in dancing, a class that incorporates acrobatics and floor gymnastics is a good start. This can help your child with the coordination, discipline and muscle strength they will need if they wish to continue dance when they are older.

If your child is six or older than ballet/pointe classes are one of the best places to start. Ballet is seen as the foundation for all styles of dance and your child will be taught the right techniques and poise that can carry them into any other type of dance they may show an interest in down the road.

Although ballet is the best place to start, your child may want to try some different styles of dancing to see what they really like and there is no problem with allowing your child or yourself to do this. Hip hop, jazz, lyrical and tap are all great styles of dance and may suit your child better than a ballet class would, however, you should never discount proper form and technique when it comes to growing as a dancer.

About Dance Makers Inc.

Dance Makers, Inc. mission is to save and strengthen youth by promoting their mental and physical well-being while encouraging their creativity through the study of dance and other performing arts. We are dedicated to the development of creativity and artistic talent in youth, especially disadvantaged youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.​

Dance Makers primarily serves the Washington Metropolitan area. Our objective is to produce many talented, award-winning dancers. Dance Makers offers a variety of classes including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, & Hip-Hop. Students of all ages have the opportunity to audition for our competitive troupes; however, determining factors are solely the director’s decision.​

Dance Makers certified instructors are committed to quality dance education and professionalism. It is our goal that students enjoy dance while learning proper technique and discipline. Other benefits include physical conditioning and rhythm.

If you are looking for beginner dance classes in Maryland, contact us today at Dance Makers, we offer a variety of classes to suit different age groups and skill levels.