What if My Child Doesn’t Have Dance Experience?

If your child is starting to show an interest in dance but you are worried that they might be too old to take up this new sport, there is no need to worry. Many children don’t decide what they are really interested in until they are older and in no way does this mean that they can’t now pursue this new interest.

There are dance schools that prefer your child to start dance at a young age however, there are also dance schools that offer classes for all ages and all levels. If your child has started to show an interest in dance, find a school that offers beginner classes for all ages, you might even want to take a class or two as well.

If you are not sure if this is just a passing phase that your child is going through, try a free class first, this way your child can get involved in the class and get a general idea if this is something they really want to do or not. Even just turning up to watch a few classes can help you and your child make a decision.

Becoming a dancer can be hard work, especially if your child decides to pursue it professionally, however, there are many great dancers out there that did not take up dancing until they were in their early teens. Dancing can also be fun and a great way for your child to learn coordination, balance and discipline.

About Dance Makers Inc.

Dance Makers, Inc. mission is to save and strengthen youth by promoting their mental and physical well-being while encouraging their creativity through the study of dance and other performing arts. We are dedicated to the development of creativity and artistic talent in youth, especially disadvantaged youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.​

Dance Makers primarily serves the Washington Metropolitan area. Our objective is to produce many talented, award-winning dancers. Dance Makers offers a variety of classes including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, & Hip-Hop. Students of all ages have the opportunity to audition for our competitive troupes; however, determining factors are solely the director’s decision.​

Dance Makers certified instructors are committed to quality dance education and professionalism. It is our goal that students enjoy dance while learning proper technique and discipline. Other benefits include physical conditioning and rhythm.

If you have an older child that is starting to show an interest in dance, contact us today, we offer a range of different dance classes for all levels and ages.