Dance Therapy in Maryland

Music is the universal language and interpreting that language through dance is one of the most basic skills we, as human beings, can master.  Just watch even the smallest of children when they hear music, recognize a beat.  Even infants, just a few months old, delight in expressing themselves as they bounce and sway.

For those children who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally, whether due to trauma, developmental delay, or many other reasons, dance can be a welcome relief.  a path to self-expression, and a conduit for dealing with those deeper feelings, that need to be let out.  Dance is healthy, for body, mind and soul.

Dance therapy is a creative arts therapy, relying on the dancer to broadcast his or her innermost feelings-joy, contentedness, fear, anger, and frustration, for example-to an audience, or simply as a way of letting it all out.  Formal dance and movement therapy has been used in countless ways, for more than one hundred years.

Dance Classes as Therapy

Informally, dance as therapy is a wonderful means to open children up to expressing themselves. Through dance classes, many individuals have overcome shyness, low self-esteem, a feeling of isolation, and gone on to develop in ways never imagined.  Instilling an appreciation-and love-of creative expression through structured dance has helped many a child to bloom and discover a passion.

At Dance Makers, Inc, we’ve seen the benefits of a passion for dance and creative expression.  Our students develop positively in many ways which have served them well throughout life.  Dance classes instill a respect for self and others, and a healthy body image.  As your child learns all the amazing skills his or her body can master, an appreciation of the body’s ability is realized.

Dance also helps your child develop cognitively-part of the body, mind, spirit connection.  Dance fires up areas of the brain which can benefit critical thinking.  Your child will be part of a team, understanding how working together for a common goal benefits the entire community.  And, finally, your child will create peer relationships that will serve him or her well throughout his or her entire life.

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Dance Makers, located in the metropolitan DC area, serves the community in and around Lanham, MD.  We invite you to contact Dance Makers, schedule a visit, and try a free class.  We believe creative expression is an essential skill for everyone, benefitting children and the community.