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Dance Classes for 18 Month – 2.5 Year Olds

Welcome to Totz Town! These little cuties just drove arrived on Tippy Toes and Tutus Drive! Session dates are March 22, 2015 thru May 9, 2015. It’s not too late! Register Today!

For more information, please call (301) 731 – 0003.

Dance Classes for Kids Aged 18 Months to 2 1/2 Years

At Dance Makers, we believe that it is never too early to get your child involved in a physical lifestyle. We offer dance classes for children as young as 18 months old. If your child can walk, then they can dance!

Benefits of Dance For Small Children

There are number of benefits that dance can bring to your young child, including:

Dance Supports Cognitive Development

Although most don’t readily associate dancing with brain development, it is highly beneficial. Young children learn through hands-on experiences and interacting with their environments. A child in dance class will make connections in his brain as he learns and repeats specific steps, coordinates his movements to the beat of the music or learns the names of specific dance movements.

Dance Class is a Supportive Environment

Dance class is a positive, supportive environment for young children. Whether a child has a gift for dance or not, she will learn how to behave in a structured environment. She will develop self-confidence and pride in herself. Preschoolers in dance learn to cooperate with other children. They also learn that hard work pays off. Above all, kids in dance class have fun!

KinderDanz Classes in Prince George’s County, Maryland

It is never too early to get your child involved in dance. It is a lifelong skill that fosters physical, mental, and social development. Contact us to learn more or to enroll your child today!

Looking to take dance classes yourself? Dance Makers, Inc. also offers adult dance classes and Zumba.