Can I Start Dance as a Teen?

The life of a teen is one of constant change.  Physically, emotionally and socially, you aren’t the same person your were just a few years ago. There’s something new around every turn and you’re not sure what comes next.  Life feels like a roller coaster ride-exhilarating, and a little bit scary.

There’s so much you want to try-fun hobbies, like art or dance, sports, or even playing a musical instrument or performing for an audience. You might believe that you’re too old to take up a new hobby, or learn a skill you’ve never attempted to learn before.  Especially when it comes to sports or dance.

Although it’s true that some of your friends have been dancing at ballet recitals since they were in preschool, that doesn’t mean it’s too late you to start learning the elements of dance.  In fact, your teen years are a wonderful time to venture into dance.  Ballet, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Tap classes are a great way to learn a new skill, make friends, and uncover hidden talents you didn’t even know you had.

Dance Classes for Teens in Washington, DC

At Dance Makers, Inc. our instructors welcome teen beginners into the fold.  We’ll work with you to help you learn dance steps, and feel a part of the larger group. Your commitment to dance is not something we take lightly.

All of our students learn technique, become familiar with terminology, observe proper body alignment, and develop the personal respect necessary to lead a healthy life, with dance as a foundation.  It’s never too late to pursue a dream or simply satisfy an interest you may have. All of our beginning dance classes welcome teens.

Much More Than Dance

Learning, or re-learning, dance as a teen offers the ideal opportunity for physical fitness.  For those who play sports, dance classes help hone your balance and coordination.  You’ll learn the many ways in which your body can move and perform, and ways to keep your body in peak condition, and that helps all athletes do their very best, on and off the field.

When you begin dance class as a teen, you understand the commitment you’re making much better than young children.  You’ll practice, working with our instructors until you get it right. Your dedication to the art of dance will become evident as you move through the steps, and levels, of that which you enjoy.

Dancing also helps you become a better student. By working on coordination, and learning new skills, you’re exercising your brain and opening up your mind.  Soon,Algebra and Trigonometry will be as easy as an arabesque or glissade.  Or, at least, less intimidating.

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Dance Makers, Inc. serves Metropolitan Washington DC.  We offer a wide variety of dance classes, from beginning to performance level, as well as gymnastics, tumbling, Kinderdanz, and much more.

Fitness dance and Zumba classes for adults are also part of our curriculum.  For more information, contact Dance Makers and schedule a tour of our studio.