Back to School — Enroll in Dance Classes

Fall is a busy time for families in the Metropolitan DC area as children head back to school.  Parents, and their kids, must learn to adjust to new schedules and school year obligations, after a summer filled with lazy days and few demands.  Making productive use of the little down time your child has can be a challenge.

As the new and oh-so-busy school year begins, give some thought to enrolling your child in after school dance classes.  At Dance Makers, we pride ourselves on developing the whole child-mind, body and spirit, while teaching the art of dance.

Back to school time is the optimal time to enroll your child in one of Dance Maker’s many dance classes.  Kids are seemingly in constant motion. School classrooms  aren’t always the best place to exhibit that type of energy.  As your child is settling into the structure of a new school year, dance class can provide the ideal outlet for some of that constant energy.

Enhance Academics With Afterschool Dance Classes

Children enjoy dance.  Rhythmic movement comes naturally to them, even if they haven’t yet developed the coordination it takes for structured dance.  Our instructors understand the joy your child finds in dance and will help develop their inner ballerina, tap dancer, or hip-hop aficionado through disciplined instruction that’s actually fun.

In addition to channeling their energies into a new skill, your child can develop better academic skills, which will serve him or her well, throughout the school years and beyond.  By learning the techniques for the art of dance, and transforming that information into choreographed movement, your child is calling on multiple centers of the brain, developing superior thought processes.  Soon, you’ll find your child is excelling academically as never before.

Dance, and all performing arts, lead to a greater desire to achieve, in a positive way.  As your child perfects new skill-sets, confidence grows.  Once your child has the self-confidence that comes from accomplishment, the sky is the limit and learning is no longer a scary challenge, but a welcome endeavor.

Dance Classes Grow Positive Friendships

Social interaction is the foundation of healthy relationships, now and all throughout your child’s life.  When your child is striving to learn a routine and perfect a technique, along with his or her peers, bonding takes place and camaraderie turns into friends with a common goal.  Healthy relationships are formed that can last a lifetime.


By encouraging social interaction, your child will also develop a sense of self, in relation to others.  Empathy and compassion are necessary when it comes to building a strong community.  These interpersonal skills are encouraged at Dance Makers.


Dance classes help set the foundation for a well-rounded, positive, and self-confident lifestyle, no matter the age of your child. Remember, dance classes are not just for school-age children and teens. Adults are welcome at Dance Makers, as well.  Our curriculum includes dance and fitness classes for all ages.  Contact Dance Makers, Inc for more information and find the class that’s right for your child.