After School Dance Program in Maryland

All over the DC Metro area children and teens are returning to school.  Brand new book bags, sharpened pencils, and notebooks in hand, children are trading in a fun-filled summer, for structure, and learning.  When the final bell rings on your kids’ summer vacation, what plans have you made for after school care?

At Dance Makers, Inc. we provide a before-and after-school program that benefits your child on many levels.  Our after school program does much more than provide a watchful eye until you arrive.  We offer homework help, interaction with peers, and the opportunity to learn a new skill, and develop talents.

Dance Provides a Physical Fitness Advantage

You already know cuts are being made in many schools’ physical education programs.  For most kids, less than an hour, a few times a week, doesn’t cut it.  Children, by nature, move a lot and finding a way to channel that movement in a structured and productive manner means your child will find the release he or she needs after seemingly unending hours of sitting still and learning.

When your child is learning something new and fun in a group setting, camaraderie is built.    Socialization is encouraged at Dance Makers and there’s no better way for your child to make friends with children who share their interests than through an after school dance program.

Dance is A Healthy Emotional Outlet

The growing child-whether five or fifteen-is a ball of emotions.  Happy, sad, angry, frustrated, and many other emotions run through your bundle-of-joy at any given time.  When you can’t be there to help your child process the emotions of the day, Dance Makers can.

Our program provides a healthy outlet for your child to express his or her emotions in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our instructors are more than dance teachers.  We know children and we know the difficulties they encounter.  With respect and care, we help your child learn appropriate ways to express his or her feelings.

While finding a positive way to deal with all emotion, your child is developing self-control.  Whether at home, school, church, or his or her favorite dance studio, your child will exhibit socially appropriate behavior.  Dance Makers programs and classes can help your child turn a negative feeling into a positive reaction, laying the foundation for making good choices, and maintaining self-respect.

Honing Academic Potential

Balance and coordination use a part of the brain that enhances learning.  New tasks and skills are introduced in Dance Makers after school program, in a fun and friendly way, and help your child turn a simple thought process into an action. The body and the mind begin working as one, which utilizes more of the brain.  Soon, your child’s ability to learn and process new skills will spread into other areas, such as academics and athletics.

For an after-school program that’s unmatched in the Metropolitan DC area, Dance Makers, Inc is your answer.  We serve the many of Prince George County schools.  Space is limited, so contact Dance Makers, Inc today.