Hip Hop Dance Classes Growing in Popularity

More and more dance studios across the country are finding their Hip Hop classes some of the first classes to fill up.  And with good reason, Hip Hop is gaining in popularity daily-locking and popping itself into one of the classic dance styles of this century.

Although Hip Hop has been around since the late 1960’s, this style of dance has only evolved into an art form in recent years.  What began as “breakdancing” on the streets and subway stations of New York City, has become more advanced and mainstream with the passing decades.  The Hip Hop style showcased on popular TV shows in the 90’s and early 2000’s, is now considered a formal style of dance.

At Dance Makers, Inc, we appreciate your child’s eagerness to move.  Learning controlled movement and the correct form of dance is one of the most beneficial pastimes for children, young and old.  Dance Makers HipHop classes, and all of our dance and exercise classes, are designed to develop a physical respect for the body, and a respect for cultural expression.

Dance Makers, Inc is one of the foremost dance studios in the metropolitan DC area.  We strive to help your child  learn dance, make connections with their peer group, and, especially, have fun.  Our instructors do much more than demonstrate steps and moves of dance.   We mentor, coach, and guide your child throughout these formative years.  Our positive environment encourages children to learn, without force.

Deeply Rooted Heritage

The Hip Hop culture may have started a short fifty years ago, but this style of movement, and some of the actual dance steps themselves, are heavily rooted in African Dance. Expression through dance has long been an ethnic art form and example of African heritage and pride. Hip Hop dance classes are a wonderful way to teach cultural heritage.

Beyond the beginnings and history of Hip Hop, your child’s main interest in learning this celebrated dance style is more than likely tied to popular culture. MTV , BET, Disney and Nickelodeon all promote this crowd-pleasing style of dance.  Your child will thrive in Hip Hop dance class, because it’s current and it’s fun!

Hip Hop Dance Classes in Maryland

At Dance Makers, Inc, we teach the art of Hip Hop dance in a classic, respectable, way.  You’ll be proud of your child’s progress as he or she masters this truly wonderful and fun cultural dance.

For more information on our Hip Hop dance class, or any of our other classes, for children as well as adults, contact Dance Makers, Inc today.  You can schedule a no-obligation tour of our facility, meet our instructors and even observe a class.  We offer after school dance programs or those in Prince George County, along with out regular class schedule.