Best Kind of Dance For Weight Loss

Losing weight is a difficult process. You may have “tried it all” and after consuming supposedly slimming protein shakes, eliminating all carbs from your diet, or even eating like a caveman, find that not only was it tough to drop a few pounds, but in no time at all, the pounds came back.  You’re certainly not alone.

The diet and weight loss industry makes billions of dollars every year by trying to convince you that they’ve discovered the “secret” to weight loss.  Exercise gurus promote their “sure-fire” routines which leave you gasping for breath. For the next few days, you’re unable to move, strapping ice packs to your body to soothe your sore muscles, and vowing never to attempt that again.

Discover the so-called “secret” to weigh loss that most successful people already know. Eat less and move more.  You don’t need to exist on nuts and berries, while tossing tires around at the gym.  You can successfully lose weight by doing something you enjoy and passing on that brownie a la mode, or bag of chips.

The Best Dances for Fitness

If you’re striving to lose weight, get fit, improve your cardiovascular system, slow down the aging process, and have fun, try dancing into fitness. Dancing involves movement, which burns calories, tones muscle groups, large and small, and makes you sweat out those nasty toxins.  Of course, some dances give you a better work out than others.

At Dance Makers, Inc, we understand the frustration adults feel when trying to get, or stay, fit, lose weight, and most of all, stay motivated.  Our adult Zumba class is just the high energy shot of motivation you need.  You’ll have a great time, as you move your entire body to the rhythm of sultry Latin music. In just one of our dance classes you’ll burn up to 800 calories.

Hip Hop Aerobics is another excellent way for you to torch those calories while enjoying yourself.  The class combines today’s hottest dance moves with heart-pumping aerobic activity.  You’ll work your core and separate muscle groups while giving your cardiovascular system the activity it needs to stay strong.

Dance For Fitness and Fun

Childhood obesity is a major concern for parents in this country.  If your child is overweight, he or she is at risk for diabetes, heart disease, and a lifetime of poor health.  But, some kids just don’t care for team sports, and some parents are already scheduled so tightly that throwing an extracurricular activity into the schedule simply can’t happen.

At Dance Makers, we have the perfect dance class to fit your schedule and your child’s interest.  Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap and Ballet are all designed to teach your child dance, while building fitness level and self-esteem.  It may be hard to get him or her to stop moving once he/she gets started!

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