Dance Classes For Children

Children, by nature, move a lot.  They act out a personal rhythm and style, even in the most random of movements.  Through movement, you can tell your child’s mood, exuberant or down-in-the-dumps.  Even when a child can’t put words to a feeling, that feeling is expressed through movement.

At Dance Makers we appreciate and recognize a child’s free and expressive nature, encouraging children to learn controlled and choreographed movement through dance classes in Maryland.  Your child will begin by learning the basics, as taught in our pre-k 4 year old Kinderdanz, graduating to advanced classes for teens and pre-teens, and honing dance skills and the art of movement along the way.

Those children and teens who are slightly older beginners can enjoy dance classes for children in Maryland as well.   We appreciate their personal level of skill and work with children of all ages to develop that skill and desire.  As your child learns to appreciate his or her own personal ability for structured movement through dance classes for children in Maryland, he or she is developing a respect for healthy physical activity and expression that will serve well for a lifetime.

Exploring the Art of Dance

The art of dance itself sparks a curiosity in many children.  Watch as your child observes a ballet, hip hop group, or even simply a group of kids rehearsing a choreographed dance.  He or she is probably completely absorbed in the art of movement.  Maybe you’ll find your child putting his own spin on that performance later on.  Kids naturally gravitate to dance and music.

Enrolling your child in dance classes for children in Maryland is a great way to help her explore the art of dance.  Dance Makers has many classes available for every age level.  You and your child are welcome to come and observe what we do, in-studio, at Dance Makers.

Dance Sets a Healthy Foundation

Dance instruction isn’t merely an after-school activity, but a foundation upon which your child can build a healthy and vibrant life.  Learning to recognize and channel their natural movement through structured dance classes for children in Maryland provides a way for your child to develop self-worth, self-esteem and camaraderie.

Dance classes for children in Maryland are about more than the art of dance.  Developing a skill which is uniquely his or her own helps your child go forward in the world with  confidence and assuredness–traits at the center of making healthy choices and avoiding unhealthy and harmful environments and people.  Dance classes for children in Maryland provide a supportive and positive environment which sets the foundation for life.

Not Just Another Dance School in Maryland

Dance Makers is the Washington metro’s premier dance instruction and performance studio.  The award winning instructors at Dance Makers value and celebrate each and every child for their unique abilities.  From gymnastics to ballet, hip hop to tap, our certified instructors will take your child on a dance journey that involves action, movement, and learning, in a positive environment.

Through dance instruction, your child will learn to express not only one of the oldest genres of artistic expression, but learn about the history and diversity of different cultural forms of dance.  Dance classes for children in Maryland should inspire a life-long appreciation for cultural pursuits and a desire to express creativity.

Enroll You Child in Dance Classes Today

Just contact Dance Makers and you and your child are welcome to come by and observe  our dance classes for children in Maryland.  You can meet the instructors and tour our  studio.  We know you’ll be impressed. Dance Makers is so much more than just another Maryland dance school.