Creative Movement & Dance Therapy for Students with Special Needs

The goal of this class is to have fun! This hour-long class offers the opportunity for students to improve social skills, play games, and dance in a comfortable and safe environment. Students will explore various types of dance and utilize numerous props that encourage creative expression.

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Small Classes & Personalized Instruction

Understanding that what works for one child may not work for another, we offer small class sizes that ensure each student receives personalized attention. Our instructor is highly qualified and is equipped to implement a variety of interventions and accommodations to meet all of our students’ needs.  This class is offered during our less busy time to prevent students from becoming overwhelmed or overstimulated by the activity in our studio.

Comfortable Attire Encouraged

Enjoy dressing comfortably for the class—we understand that students may have sensory needs that prevent them from wearing typical dance attire. However, students that would like to wear dance attire are encouraged to do so. Due to our specialty dance flooring, participating in our class barefoot is also acceptable.

If you’d like to learn more about our Creative Movement & Dance Therapy for students with special needs, contact us online or give our studio a call at (301)731-0003 today!