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All Star Competition


AGES 6-18

Ballet is the most demanding type of dance. All other forms of dance benefit from its precise execution of movement and artistic interpretation. These classes will include barre exercises for warm-ups and technique development, floor work for basic steps, turns, leaps and combinations.. Students will also establish a foundation of proper form that will help prevent injury and establish the confidence necessary to move forward to other forms of dance.

Ballet teaches students to develop their muscular strength, stretch & strengthen their bodies, and coordination. Dancers also develop good posture, poise, grace and self-confidence.


AGES 6-18

Hip Hop is a high energy, freestyle class that emphasizes rhythm, coordination, athleticism, and personal expression. Hip hop dance requires students to have the strength and stamina to successfully perform moves. Therefore, this class includes upper and lower body conditioning as well as a rigorous warm-up to help prepare students for more intense movements. Hip Hop dance focuses on staging, style, presentation, and self-expression. We are aware of the negative connotations that can be associated with Hip Hop, and have taken many steps to set your mind at ease, such as safe music selection and editing, clean upbeat movement combinations and tasteful costuming.

The Dance Makers Competitive Troupe, Also known as “The Slay Squad” is award winning! They have been featured on Fox 5’s Zip Trip, Good Day DC, and performed at the Universal soul Circus. Members of  The Slay Squad are exposed to some of the best dance instructors in the county. The Slay Squad is ideal for dancers that are  interested in pursuing a career in Dance and would like more performance opportunities.


The Slay Squad typically participates in 5 regional competitions and 1 national competition. Dance Makers requires all dancers interested in joining The Slay Squad to have at minimum 2 years of dance experience to be eligible to audition. If you would like more information about auditions,          please contact admin@mydancemakersonline.com.


AGES 6-18

Jazz combines technique, with ethnic and multi-cultural influences, set to a variety of music styles to produce an energetic yet controlled soulful expression of the self through movement known as dance. This class will teach students technique and terminology as well as develop flexibility, strength and coordination.


AGES 6-18

This interpretive dance style combines the grace and fluidity of ballet with the strength and emotional elements found in jazz. It emphasizes interpretation of music lyrics while telling a story with movement that can be fluid or abstract. As students progress through each level curriculum will become increasingly more complex and intricate. Dancers must have previous ballet experience and enrolled in ballet.


Pointe classes are by invitation only and students must be enrolled in ballet class. Pointe is an advanced form of ballet and therefore only trained, matured students will be considered for pointe class. Pointe is run similarly to other ballet classes in terms of focus and discipline. The difference, however, is that students wear pointe shoes, so that the ballerina may go fully onto pointe. This class is for the more advanced ballet dancer and is by invitation only.



AGES 6-18

Tap is the discipline that teaches dancers to use their feet as a rhythm instrument. Students in this class will learn fancy footwork that helps to develop agility, musicality, and stylized movement. Also included are the basic exercises, time steps, and tap combinations that make tapping so much fun. 


This class is an introduction to the world of dance. Children as young as 18 months to four years old can develop socially, emotionally and physically with dance. Basic tap and ballet are included in this one hour class. Stretching and movement encourage body and space awareness. Children are involved in group participation activities that enhance and develop rhythm and coordination skills. 



The basic yoga class will be done at a gentle pace in order to learn the foundational poses of yoga – opening, standing, shoulder and hip exercises, inversions, twists, backwards and forward bends, salutations, and finishing poses. Principles of alignment and how to flow into the pose using breathing techniques will be demonstrated during this class session. Complete relaxation and breathing techniques will be practiced.