Dance Classes for 4 Year Olds in Maryland

If your four year  old is constantly dancing around your home and you have wondered how to harness all the energy they have, you may want to consider dance classes for your four year old. At four years of age, it is not too early to learn to dance–in fact, many children start

Dance classes are a lot of fun for younger children, they also teach valuable life skills and can help your child grow in confidence. A child is never too young to give dancing a try, especially when the classes are age appropriate and are based on learning beginner skills and having fun.

Advantages of Dance Classes For Young Children

There are many wonderful advantages when your child dances, watching the joy on your child’s face is just one of these advantages, here are some others you may like to consider when thinking about enrolling in our dance classes for 4 year olds.

  • Movement and Physical Development – When your child enjoys dance classes, they are learning that physical activity and movement is fun, this is a lesson that they can carry with them for many years to come. They will also learn how to move their bodies, gain better balance, and improve their overall coordination.
  • Social Skills – When your child attends dance classes it is often in a group setting. Within this group setting they are learning many advantageous social skills, such as learning to work as a team, cooperation, and learning how to take turns. All of these social skills will help them as they move into their school years.
  • Decision Making and Cognitive Development – Dance class is an opportunity to learn and grow, all disguised as fun. When your child is dancing they are learning important skills and concepts. These skills may include problem solving, space recognition, and use of imagination in everyday life. Through dance your child will grow without even realizing it.

 Dance Classes for 4 Year Olds by Dance Makers Inc.

Here at Dance Makers our dance classes are taught by professional dance teachers. Our KinderDanz program includes specially designed 3 and 4 year old dance classes that incorporate gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance elements. Once your child has attended our beginners KinderDanz class they can move on to advanced KinderDanz classes. Your child will learn the beginning skills that will help them as they enter into the world of dance, all whilst having fun.

Our Mission at Dance Makers is to teach creativity through performing art whilst helping our young students learn more about their own physical and mental well-being. We work hard to provide a quality, whether you are an adult or you have a child involved in our dance classes for 4 year olds. We aim to make a difference in children’s lives throughout the Washington Metropolitan area through our dance classes, camps, and troupes.

Enroll Your Four Year Old Today

If you are looking for dance classes for 4 year olds that teach valuable skills yet are filled with fun, contact Dance Makers today at 301-276-0881.

Conveniently located in Lanham, MD, we draw students from all across Prince George’s County and the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metro areas.