Ballet Classes for Children

Ballet Classes for Children in Maryland

Ballet Classes For Children in Maryland by Dance Makers Inc.

Dance classes, music lessons, athletics, or learning to speak a second language, are most beneficial when learned at a young age.  Introducing the concept of dance to a child around age 3 or 4 is not only a great way to plant a seed, but also helps that child understand learning in a structured environment.  Your preschooler will flourish as he or she progresses in dance instruction.

For many children, ballet provides a wonderful starting point for appreciation of art, music and movement.  A child who learns to perform a wide range of motion through creative expression is much further ahead when it comes to body awareness, athletic endurance, muscle development, and coordination.  Ballet engages the brain and the physical abilities at an early age, setting a foundation for future success in school, and in life.

At Dance Makers we believe in your child and work with you to set that firm foundation for success.  As part of our ongoing mission to encourage growth through creative expression, Dance Makers, Inc. offers a wide variety of dance classes for children of all ages.  Our ballet classes for children in Maryland will take your child through the paces of this classic form of dance.

Considering an after school dance program but also want your child to get help with schoolwork? We also host a program called My S.M.A.R.T.S. Kid that offers homework assistance, tutoring, and support to your little ones!

The Art of the Dance

Dance, as an art form, has been appreciated since the dawn of time.  Ballet is one of the more popular classical forms of dance incorporating discipline, dedication and self-control.  Athletically, ballet calls on just as many components of physical fitness-cardio endurance, muscle endurance, muscle strength, and flexibility-as any sport.  Moreover, when you advance through ballet classes for children in Maryland, you’ll improve in areas of speed, agility, balance, and physical power just as you would in any athletically challenging environment.

By beginning ballet classes for children in Maryland, your child will master the art of the dance on many levels.  Learning classic ballet means your child must engage cognitively, as well as physically.   Ballet involves learning French dance terms, and classic musical terms, memorizing steps, and coordinating those steps and movement to the music being played.

Dance is Fun

Not everything about our ballet classes for children in Maryland is so structured as to be grueling.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  Our ballet students have a good time learning and growing in their knowledge of the dance.  By working together, our students learn cooperation, and teamwork.  Learning the steps and putting their knowledge to use, along with their peers, creates an atmosphere of camaraderie, fostering lifelong friendships.

Our gifted instructors enjoy children every bit as much as they enjoy dance.  These positive role models help your child develop poise, discipline, and social skills, but aren’t immune to the fun and joyous aspect of ballet, and all forms of creative expression through dance.   In fact, our professional dance instructors encourage children to have fun, as well as learn.

Most of all, ballet classes for children in Maryland provide a way for your child’s self-esteem to soar.  As he or she progresses through technique, performance becomes a way to excel and display talent.  From the basic beginning ballet classes, through the opportunity to go en pointe, your child earns a sense of accomplishment and success.  Recognition for their achievement is secondary to the self-satisfaction your child experiences.

Ballet Classes For Children in Prince George’s County

If you’re looking for a way to introduce your child to the many benefits of ballet classes for children in Maryland, come to Dance Makers, Inc.  Our qualified instructors will engage your child in all aspects of the art of ballet, and provide other dance opportunities as well.  Contact Dance Makers and watch your little star shine.