Ballet for Toddlers in Maryland

It might seem as though 18 months to 2 years is a bit too young to begin formal ballet lessons, and in a way, that assumption is correct. However beginning to introduce the most rudimentary principles of dance-and in particular ballet-is not only acceptable at such a young age-it’s encouraged.

At Dance Makers, we believe an interest in dance should begin as early as possible. The toddler years are ideal as children of this age are like sponges. They soak up all to which they are introduced, and as they master basic skills, the 18-24 month old child is eager to master the next skill level. Buoyed by not only the attention he or she receives, but also by the genuine interest in dance that’s beginning to form in his or her little heart.

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Age Appropriate Ballet Classes

Our instructors make our ballet for toddlers classes fun and exciting. Your little one will develop social skills and improved confidence as he or she learns to follow directions and be part of a larger group. Toddlers who enroll in our ballet classes also develop a sense of themselves, through body awareness. Coordination, flexibility, and problem solving are additional developmental skills and benefits your child will take away from a ballet for toddlers class.

Benefits of Ballet Classes for Toddlers

Your little one has boundless energy and a natural ability to move with (or without!) music. They are capable of learning fairly complex dance steps as early as 18 months. Learning how to direct that energy and express his excitement through ballet is a priceless lesson in discipline that will only enhance his classroom experiences for many years to come.

As your toddler advances in their ability to master more complicated ballet skills, the art of dance grows with your child. Executing the steps she’s learned and exhibiting what she has learned through class performances will boost her self esteem and give her the confidence she needs to succeed-in school and in life.

Ballet is an ages-old tradition that is appreciated all over the world. As your little one’s interest turns to a passion for this art form, he or she will be taking part in one of the most appreciated and revered form  of dance. Ballet spans cultures and generations. Ballet class for toddlers is just the beginning, from there, you can watch them grow into ballet classes for older boys and girls!

Plant the Seeds Now

The seeds for a lifetime of love for music and movement can certainly be planted in the very young child. Ballet opens up a whole new world for your child. A world of music and dance, an appreciation of the arts, an interest in culture and an aptitude for mastering skills which will serve them well throughout life.

Scheduling Ballet Class for Toddlers in Maryland Today!

You can schedule a time to come tour our studio and even observe a class. Give your child the opportunity to discover not only his or her talent, but to find a passion for life, learning, and dance.

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