Dance Classes for Five Year Olds in Maryland

Five year olds are delighted by virtually everything they encounter. Emerging from toddlerhood into the preschool age has taught them there is a whole world out there and they want to own that world with a zeal that’s particular to the age. Why not help them to embrace their creative side and celebrate their unencumbered joie de vivre through the art of dance and movement?

At Dance Makers, we help your child express his or her excitement in a way that teaches discipline of movement while keeping individual creativity at the forefront. Your child will have such fun as we go through the most rudimentary steps of dance together.

Dance classes for five year olds incorporate a sense of community as we all work together to learn the basics. Dance Makers dance classes for five year olds instill self discipline, a love of learning, and a rewarding sense of self esteem which will serve your child for a lifetime. Lay the foundation for lifelong success by enrolling your child in dance classes for five year olds.

Tap Classes for Five Year Olds

What five year old doesn’t enjoy rhythm? Whether banging on a drum, bopping along to music, or simply dancing to their own tune, five year old children know how to express themselves through rhythm. Tap for five year olds comes naturally, and Dance Makers instructors appreciate that.

Our tap classes for five year old inspire and embolden that inner rhythm. As your preschooler is taken through the basic movements of tap and jazz dance, he or she begins to develop the confidence needed to pursue future interests in life. Through positive reinforcement, our dance classes for five year olds encourage structured learning in an upbeat atmosphere your child is sure to enjoy.

Ballet Classes for Five Year Olds

Five year old children have a special exuberance and eagerness to learn new skills. When you enroll your child in Dance Makers ballet classes, our gifted instructors will take your preschooler through the basic steps of ballet in a way that’s fun and easy to master. Your child will learn the beginning steps that will instill a lifelong appreciation for this classic form of dance.

At Dance Makers, instruction and class time is always age-appropriate. Your child will view dance classes as an enjoyable experience and an opportunity for structured learning that’s fun. Bonding with classmates, making new friends, learning new skills and fostering a love of creative expression through classic dance are just a few of the benefits your five year old will acquire when he or she participates in our ballet classes.

Tumbling Classes for Five Year Olds

Our tumbling classes for five year olds teaches basic skills for gymnastics and dance. Gymnastics has only increased in popularity over the past few decades and having a basic understanding of the sport is a great way for your child to appreciate his or her healthy body and all it’s moving parts. Tumbling class will help turn your preschooler’s innate energy into movement and expression. Our instructors know how to encourage even the most reticent child in expressive movement.

Enroll Your Five Year Old in Dance Classes Today

Five year old children are just beginning to get a sense of participation in life. Always eager, preschoolers revel in taking on new experiences. Why not foster that love of learning, while setting a healthy foundation which will serve your child for life? Get your child moving in the right direction, one step at a time.

Contact Dance Makers today to inquire about the many options for your five year old.

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