Dance Classes in Bowie

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Cultivating any spark of interest or talent in your child is key to giving them a brighter future. It most certainly could be dance or performing arts. No one understands this better than the dance instructors at Dance Makers in Maryland, servicing Bowie and the surrounding cities.

We have hired the best dance instructors and coupled them with the best amenities to offer safe and comprehensive dance classes in Bowie to the youth and their parents. Even though we focus on nurturing talent in kids, our dance classes extend to cover the needs of adults and parents who are just interested in Zumba or hip-hop dancing for fitness and fun.

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Comprehensive Dance Classes in Bowie

Fun Dance Studio for Kids in Prince George’s County

Dance Makers’ curriculum takes the capabilities of kids into consideration, ensuring that we don’t give them dance classes too hard. Our Bowie dance studio offers some exceptional dance classes boys and girls can enjoy.

Bowie KinderDanz Classes

Our KinderDanz Class is a perfect start for the youngest who is just starting out. It teaches the preschool kid the basics like tap dancing, gymnastics, and tumbling. Our Bowie dance classes will not only teach the basics in but also give your kid confidence and let them decide if they are really interested in dancing.

The skills taught keep advancing over time, letting your little dancers grow into the responsibility gradually.

Ballet Lessons

Our Bowie ballet classes teach the foundation of dancing and enhance grace or technique. Since the dance class teaches advanced dance moves, it is only offered to seasoned dancers who have gone through the basics and have what it takes to master poise, dance moves and the art of dancing.

Hip-Hop Classes

Hip-hop dancing explores rhythm and lets the kid isolate different dance moves and even teach children how to connect otherwise incoherent dance moves and create complete choreography moves. It is all about building self-confidence and opening up the child to advanced dancing.

Jazz and Lyrical

This stage of training brings in complex dance moves and it is focused on children above six years of age. Our Bowie dance classes focused around Jazz and Lyrical are all about learning the complex dance moves. Moving on to theatrical dancing ushers the kids into real dancing. It teaches music interpretation and dance control or flexibility.

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Enroll in Our Dance Studio near Bowie, MD

By enrolling with us, you safeguard the future of your kid’s interests and passions. You guaranteed them a solid learning foundation that will help them decide whether dancing is what they really want or they are into something else.

Get in touch today to enroll your kid for dance classes with the best! Our professional dance instructors have what it takes to nurture your kid’s dreams and passions along with growing them into a career or a successful fun-filled future.

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