Dance Classes for Boys in Beltsville

If you’re looking for activities that your son can participate in that will encourage his love of music and dance, then you should consider our dance classes here at Dance Makers in Beltsville. Not only do we have a variety of dance classes available for children ages three and up, but we offer dance classes specifically for boys as well.

Reasons to Take Dance Classes for Boys

The following are some of the reasons why you should consider enrolling your son in one of our dance classes for boys in Beltsville:

  • Develop strength and balance – Dancing is a very physical activity, which means that boys who take dancing from an early age are likely to develop their strength and balance much quicker. This can be very beneficial if they plan on playing sports.
  • Improve self-discipline – A lot of young boys have disciplinary issues in school or at home. Taking dance classes helps to improve self-discipline because of the focus and practice required to learn and improve dancing skills.
  • Learn to express creativity – Dancing provides boys with a great outlet for all of their energy as well as a fantastic way for them to express their creativity in a physical manner.
  • Improve self-confidence – Learning and improving a variety of dance skills and choreographed movements helps build confidence. This confidence will also help with other areas of their lives, where it be in school or in social situations.

Our Dance Classes for Boys in Beltsville

We have a variety of dance classes for boys here in Beltsville, all of which are taught by experienced and knowledgeable instructors. The following are some of the dance classes that your son may enjoy:

  • Hip-Hop – Many boys are familiar with modern hip-hop music and dance, and our hip-hop classes will teach them this style.
  • Ballet – Ballet is a more classical form of dance, but it’s one that will teach strength, balance, flexibility, and more.
  • Tap Dance – Tap dance is about creating a percussive beat through dance, thereby teaching boys about rhythm.
  • Jazz – Learning jazz dance will allow boys to create a foundation for other types of dance that it’s influenced.
  • Lyrical – Lyrical dance combines styles, such as ballet and jazz.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary dance focuses on combining traditional dancing with greater self-expression.

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