Dance Classes for Boys in Calverton

At Dancemakers, we offer a variety of different types of dance classes for both children and adults. Dance classes are especially beneficial to children, which is why we offer age-appropriate classes for kids as young as three. However, we also have dance classes just for boys.

Why Enroll in Dance Classes for Boys?

Dancing is not just an activity meant for girls. Dancing is a form of self-expression that anyone can enjoy, regardless of gender. In fact, the following are just a few reasons why you should consider enrolling your boys in dance classes in Calverton:

  • Teach discipline – Discipline can be a problem for younger boys, especially in elementary school. Dance classes help boys develop self-discipline, which will transfer over to other areas of their life.
  • Provide an outlet for their energy – As you know, young boys have a lot of energy. Dance is a great outlet for that energy and it allows them to get creative as well.
  • Improve physical condition – Dancing will help improve flexibility, strength, and balance. This will be particularly beneficial to boys who are playing or planning on playing sports. Not only will they be in better shape to play sports successfully, but they’ll also reduce the risk of injury.

Our Dance Classes for Boys in Calverton

We offer a variety of all boy dance classes here at Dance Makers in Calverton. The following are just a few of the options that we offer:

  • Ballet – Students learn choreographed movements that require balance and sure-footedness. The physicality of ballet will prepare boys for athletics that require stamina, endurance, strength, and balance.
  • Hip-Hop – Hip-hop dance classes are high energy classes that focus on modern dance moves and hip hop music that most boys will be familiar with from modern pop culture.
  • Tap Dance – Tap dance will help boys develop a rhythm as well as learn to appreciate the relationship between dance and music.
  • Jazz – Jazz dance classes will not only teach boys about the history of jazz dance and music but also teach them how jazz has influenced modern-day Broadway dance and urban culture.

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We offer a variety of dance classes for children of all ages, including dance classes specifically for boys. If you’re interested in enrolling your boy in a dance class in Calverton, then be sure to contact us online at Dance Makers.