Dance Classes for Boys Near College Park

These days, most parents know that it’s important to begin encouraging their children to follow their passions and interests at an early age. If you notice that your son (or sons) has an interest in dance or music, then you should consider enrolling him in one of our dance classes for boys in College Park.

Benefits of Dance Classes for Boys

There was a time where dance classes were seen as something that only girls took part in. However, that time has long since passed. Boys love to dance just as much as girls. In fact, dance classes can provide some incredible benefits to younger boys. The following are just a few of the benefits that your son could enjoy taking part in one of our dance classes in College Park:

  • Improve self-esteem – Learning different dance moves and then improving their skills can help to instill confidence in young boys, thereby helping them to improve their self-esteem.
  • Improve physical health – Dancing is a very physical activity that will get students moving, thereby greatly improving their physical health. In fact, boys who take dance classes will get stronger and more flexible than their peers, often giving them an advantage once they begin playing sports.
  • Encourage social interaction – Students are taught to work with others in choreographed dances, which can help improve their ability to interact socially. This can be hugely beneficial for boys who are on the introverted side.
  • Improve behavior – Young boys can often exhibit problematic behavior at home or at school. Dance classes can help them improve their behavior due to the discipline and focus that they learn, which are needed to learn and improve their dance skills.
  • Have a good time – Last, but not least, dancing is fun! Dance classes can be a great way for boys to just have fun!

Types of Dance Classes in College Park

The following are a few of the dance classes for boys that we offer here at Dance Makers in College Park:

  • Ballet – Boys who take our ballet classes will be taught choreographed movements that will help improve their balance, endurance, stamina, and strength.
  • Contemporary – Contemporary dance incorporates traditional dance moves but also allows students to implement more personal self-expression as well.
  • Hip-Hop – Boys love our hip-hop classes due to the fact that they require high energy movements focusing on modern hip-hop and dance that many children are familiar with.
  • Jazz – Jazz incorporates both jazz dance and music, teaching students how both have influenced modern-day Broadway dance as well as urban culture.
  • Lyrical – Lyrical dance classes incorporate ballet and jazz. These classes focus on balance, flexibility, control, and musical interpretation.
  • Tap – Tap dance helps boys to develop an appreciation and understanding of the relationship between dance and music by teaching them to develop rhythm.

Choosing Dance Makers in College Park

Here at Dance Makers, we strive to provide our students with a safe environment in which they can pursue their fondness for dance. Even if your son isn’t as passionate about dance as some of our other students, our instructors will make sure that they have plenty of fun and learn to love dance as much as anyone else. All of our instructors are highly experienced and will focus on the individual needs of every student so that they can learn comfortably at their own pace.

Enroll in College Park Dance Classes Today

If you’re interested in enrolling your son (or sons) into one of our dance classes for boys in College Park, then be sure to contact us at Dance Makers online.