Dance Classes in College Park, MD

Dance classes in College Park, MD can do much more for your child than simply teach them the art of dance. Dance Makers offers an opportunity for your young dancer to learn to be part of a group, develop motor skills, self-esteem, confidence, poise and grace, and form lifelong friendships in a safe environment.

At Dance Makers, we provide instruction in all popular dance genres, as well as adult Zumba and hip-hop aerobics. Our formal instruction starts for children as young as 3, and continue through elementary school age children and beyond. We also offer dance and soccer camps, birthday parties, and competition dance as well.

College Park Dance Classes for Children

We know that your child might not know what kind of dance best suits them. That is why we have a proprietary dance class curriculum that takes children through a couple of introductory classes prior to moving into more specialty dance classes.

Some of the dance classes that we offer in College Park include:

In these classes, your child will cultivate skill and technique in whichever discipline is chosen. And, remember, no child is too young to learn the art of dance! This is made evident with our toddler dance classes through Kinderdanz!

Why Choose Dance Makers?

One of the advantages of taking dance classes at Dance Makers is that you can find every type of class you’re looking for, for both adults and children, at one location. This means no running around to drop your kids off at different studios.

Additionally, our dance instructors work with children as young as three years old. We make it a priority to make sure that every student receives individual attention in order to nurture their talent. Such personal instruction allows us to provide students, especially children, with dance routines that are appropriate for their skill levels, thereby not only nurturing their talent but also helping to build their confidence.

We pride ourselves on our accommodating approach, which has been known to build interest in dance in children who may be less interested at first. It’s because our dance classes in College Park not only help develop talent, they’re also fun for both boys and girls.

Sign Up for Dance Lessons in College Park, MD

Children need a solid foundation to lead a healthy, happy life. What better beginning than dance class? Whether you’re looking to join a dance class or you’re looking to nurture your child’s interest and passion in dance, sign up for dance classes with Dance Makers!

Contact us online or give us a call at (301) 731-0003 to get started with dance classes in College Park, MD.