Spring 2021 After-School Dance Programs

after school dance program in Maryland

Before- & After-School Program: One Step Forward

Bettering Students in Prince George’s County, Maryland

Our before- and after-school program, called One Step Forward, has a mission to provide at-risk youth with a safe, stimulating, and nurturing place to grow academically, emotionally, and creatively. Our primary focus is to “keep our youth off the streets,” while instilling integrity and diversity.

The purpose of the program is to develop our youth in performing arts as well as education. One Step Forward provides supervised homework completion, an afternoon snack, afternoon supper, and one hour of creative dance movement.

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4 Benefits of Our After-School Dance Program

There are several benefits to enrolling your child in our after-school dance program in Maryland. In addition to the obvious benefits of adult supervision and homework assistance, dance can provide many benefits to your child, including:

  • Physical Benefits: Whether your child is still a toddler or already in grade school, after-school dance programs in Maryland offer many physical benefits. Dance allows your child to practice coordination, strength, and endurance on a regular basis. Your child will learn to move their entire body and put their natural energy to good use.
  • Emotional Growth: Parents know very well the ups and downs of a child’s emotions. As your child matures, dance classes can provide a healthy way of releasing and expressing emotions in various ways. Structured classes with other children allow youngsters to learn appropriate ways to deal with a wide range of emotions.
  • Social Growth: By the time children reach three or four years old, they are likely beginning to see themselves in relation to other kids. A child’s self-centered world typically opens up and allows others to enter. However, that doesn’t come without much learning and practice. For Maryland students, after-school dance classes allow children to practice social skills in a positive way. Over time, your child will learn the value of cooperation, teamwork, and sharing.
  • Brain Development: Physical movement is closely linked to brain development and activity in children and adults. Dance provides opportunities for kids to practice movement beginning with the thought and ending in action. Children learn that new movements take more thought, becoming easier as the body and the mind work together to produce a flowing sequence of moves over time and practice. The connections made in your child’s brain will be there, whether they’re doing their math homework or learning a new dance step.

To learn more about your child’s options for before- and after-school dance programs, give our Maryland dance studio a call at (301) 731-0003.

After-School Dance Program Offerings in Maryland

Consider enrolling your child in our Maryland after-school dance program today. You’ll see positive results in all areas of your child’s life. Remember there are tons of options when it comes to after-school dance.

Your child might enjoy:

Let your child experience a few different genres before narrowing it down to one choice. Stay positive and watch his or her social, emotional, and physical health blossom before you!

after-school dance program in Maryland

One Step Forward program currently serves:

  • Ardmore
  • C.T. Reed
  • Glenn Dale
  • High Bridge
  • James McHenry
  • Kingsford
  • Lamont
  • Robert Goddard
  • Seabrook
  • Woodmore
  • Thomas Pullen Elementary School
  • Thomas Johnson Middle School
  • Turning Point Academy

Spaces will be limited to fifteen students per school. *Additional schools may be added upon request.

Contact us online or give us a call at (301) 731-0003 to enroll in our before- and after-school dance program.

Contact Dance Makers Today to Learn More About Our After-School Dance Program in Prince George’s County

Give your child a safe and productive environment after school with our unique and fun after-school activities. Our program affords your child an opportunity to get help with homework, interact with other students, and explore a new skill.

To learn more about our after-school dance programs in Prince George’s County, Maryland, or to enroll, please call us at (301) 731-0003, or fill out a contact form and one of our dance studio instructors will give you a call.


Before- & After-School Program Hours of Operation

Our before- and after- school dance program will operate Monday through Friday during these hours:

Before School: 6:30 AM to 9:00 AM

After School: 2:00 PM to 6:30 PM

All students must be picked up by 6:30 PM each day.