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BALLET/POINTE (Ages 6 & Up): Ballet is the foundation of all dancing. It provides the grace, poise, and technique needed to be proficient in other areas of dance. Students may go on pointe only with permission from the director and/or ballet instructor.


Every little girl dreams of putting on a tutu and floating around the stage for an enraptured audience. Giving that gift to your little ballerina is as easy as enrolling her in ballet classes at Dance Makers in Maryland. Although your child probably doesn’t dream of discipline, strong muscles, and improved balance, ballet includes those benefits for girls and boys of all ages. If your little one is interested in dance, consider all the benefits ballet classes in Columbia can offer.

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Benefits of Ballet For Your Child


Ballet classes offer a number of benefits for any child, including:

  • Establishes Healthy Habits: Whether your child participates in ballet, floor gymnastics, or tap dancing, they will learn the value of regular exercise. Starting children in an exercise regime early in life helps them realize the benefits of fitness, making it more likely they will be active, healthy adults. Dance instructors also teach the importance of eating a healthy diet to increase performance on the dance floor. Attending regular dance classes helps children relieve stress and learn healthy coping habits long before the real stresses of adulthood arrive.
  • Increased Coordination and Flexibility: Ballet improves flexibility and coordination as children learn the basic dance positions and stretches. Your child’s growing muscles will become long and strong as they mature.
  • Practice Following Directions: A structured class with ballet instructors in Maryland gives children experience listening to and following directions. Your child will learn to respect other adults and will learn to follow directions in a group setting.
  • Improved Confidence: Performing in front of an audience is an amazing accomplishment for a young child. Your dancer will learn to take pride in their dancing and their confidence will soar with every live performance.
  • Body Awareness: Ballet requires immense core strength and body stability. Ballet teaches young children to move the body with intention, strength, and isolation. Your child will learn the importance of breathing and movement within the body.
  • Discipline: Learning an art like ballet teaches children that nothing comes without hard work and dedication. Your child will learn that learning new moves and routines takes practice and effort. Maryland ballet instructors are trained and qualified to work with kids in a way that keeps them motivated, happy and healthy.

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Ballet Classes Near Columbia, MD

Professional Ballet Instructors in Howard County

Dance Makers’ mission is to save and strengthen youth by promoting their mental and physical well-being while encouraging their creativity through the study of dance and other performing arts. We are dedicated to the development of creativity and artistic talent in youth, especially disadvantaged youth from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Trust the trained ballet instructors at Dance Makers to provide a supportive, engaging environment for your child. The benefits of ballet classes extend far beyond the tutu.

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