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DanceMakers All All Star Competition Troupe — An Award Winning Competition Dance Team Near Laurel, MD

“DanceMakers All Star Competition Troupe” is DanceMakers competitive dance team near Laurel, MD comprised of ages five to sixteen. Our competitive dance troupes compete in the disciplines of jazz, hip-hop, lyrical and tap. The troupe members undergo extensive training focusing on classical styles of dance such as ballet, jazz, lyrical, new and old school hip- hop, breakin’, popping, locking and freestyling.

The students who participate in these programs have been personally selected by the Artistic Director and DanceMakers instructors. These students receive numerous hours of exclusive instruction and required rehearsals. Our competitive troupe is not for everyone as it is highly demanding. Only students who are seriously dedicated will be selected for this opportunity.

Benefits of Competitive Dance Participation

Healthy competition is an important part of any child’s life and competitive dance programs are a great way for children and teens to compete in a healthy and positive environment.

Our competitive dance programs near Laurel, MD offer many benefits to your children beyond healthy competition, including:

  • Increased Coordination and Flexibility: Dance moves and techniques strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. Over time, your child will notice an increased ability to balance and perform dance steps and techniques he couldn’t do before.
  • Teamwork: Competition Dance Studio offers opportunities for children to compete on competitive dance teams. This valuable experience gives your child the experience of working together on a team toward a common goal. She’ll learn accountability, cooperation, perseverance and more while having fun dancing with friends.
  • Healthy Habits: Dance promotes healthy habits including regular movement and healthy food choices. Your child won’t be able to excel at dance without some regard to making healthy food choices, drinking plenty of water and getting adequate sleep. Competition Dance Teams give kids a reason and a motivation to make healthy choices in all areas.
  • Motivation: Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused and motivated toward goals, especially for kids who are being pulled in many different directions and interests. Showing up for classes at Competition Dance Studio and working hard toward personal goals allows kids to focus on achieving goals one step at a time.

Enrolling a child in dance class can open doors toward future successes. Your child may have a natural talent for music, dance or performance that will lead to great things. Or perhaps it will simply be a way for your child to burn off some energy and have fun with peers. Either way, dance classes are a positive idea for any child. Consider enrolling your child today. Whether you have a boy, girl, toddler or teenager DanceMakers has a dance class waiting for you.

Learn More About our Competitive Dance Programs Near Laurel, MD

If you are interested in learning more about DanceMakers, Inc. competitive dance team near Laurel, MD, please feel free to email the Artistic Director at for more information.