Dance Classes in East Riverdale, MD

As a parent, odds are you want to nurture your child’s interests and talents. Most parents in this day and age make a serious attempt to cultivate the talent their kids have at an early age. If your child happens to show a love for music or dance, then you might want to consider enrolling them into one of our dance classes in East Riverdale, MD.

We offer a variety of different dance classes that are aimed at both kids and adults. Our dance classes are taught by highly experienced and qualified dance instructors who will help your kids discover the joys of dancing and who will help to nurture their talents.

To enroll in one of our dance classes here in East Riverdale, MD, be sure to contact us at Dance Makers online or give us a call at (301) 732-0003 today.

Our Dancing Classes in East Riverdale, MD

When dancing is taught at an early age, it becomes much easier for children to advance skill-wise. It’s why we accept children as young as three years of age. Our instructors provide personalized attention to make sure your children have the best opportunity to not only develop their dancing skills but to have fun as well.

During our beginner classes, our instructors will teach children dance routines that are appropriate for their age and skill level. Even if your child is less interested at first, there’s a good chance that they will soon generate an interest due to our method of teaching.

Dance Classes for Kids in East Riverdale, MD

We offer a variety of classes that are suitable for kids who do not have any dancing experience, including tap dancing, tumbling, and gymnastics. We make sure that every child is given a chance to progress at their own pace depending on how their skills are developing. If you’re interested in starting your child off early, then be sure to check out our KinderDanz class.

Advanced Dance Classes

Our more advanced dance classes are suitable for children who are at least six years of age. However, we only accept children who have completed basic dance classes so that they have a foundation from which to work. We also have a number of advanced dance classes available for adults, which are perfect for parents with some dancing experience. These include hip-hop dance classes, ballet lessons, and jazz and lyrical dance classes.

Join a Dance Class in East Riverdale, MD Today

If you have a child who enjoys music or dance, then you should strongly consider enrolling them in dance classes. Not only will you be cultivating their interest or passion, but dance classes help to promote physical health and self-confidence as well. If you have questions about any of our dance classes in East Riverdale, MD or would like to enroll your child (or yourself) into one of our dance classes, then be sure to visit us online at Dance Makers or give us a call at (301) 732-0003 today.