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Dance Makers has been offering dance programs and classes to kids and upcoming dancers for years now. We’ve hired the best dance instructors in Greenbelt, MD and taught them how to work with kids, making them the perfect dance instructors for your kids. Our dance classes are the best you can get in Greenbelt, MD.

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Our dance studio offers comprehensive dance classes that will meet the needs of every adult and child that joins. Not only do we have an extensive selection of dance classes to choose from, but we have also made our studio one of the best in the area due to our emphasis on safety and amenities, not to mention our highly experienced and qualified dance instructors.

When it comes to dance classes near Greenbelt look no further than Dance Makers. Contact us online to enroll in classes as our dance studio today!

Dance Classes in Greenbelt

BALLET, TAP, JAZZ & MORE IN Prince George’s County

Even though dance is all skill and talent, it takes the right training to nurture interest into a practical skill. Our class curriculum focuses on exploiting this simple interest and growing it over time as your kid grows. We focus on many different dance classes for children of all ages.

Dance Classes for Kids in Prince George’s County, MD

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Young children who are just starting out aren’t yet coordinated enough to dance well. However, it is our responsibility to encourage them on and introduce the basics. KinderDanz and advanced KinderDanz classes teach the basics of tap dancing, ballet, tumbling and gymnastics, creating the perfect foundation for future dance careers.

Dance Classes with Dance Makers

Once children reach six years of age, they can begin taking more complex classes as long as they’ve taken our basic dance classes. Adults will also enjoy our complex dance classes, which include:

All these classes focus on developing rhythm, movement control, self-confidence and general mastery of complex dance moves.

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Our Greenbelt dance instructors will help your kid bring out the dancer in them whilst also giving them a chance to dance for fun. Drop by our dance studio today and let us help grow your child’s ability to move to the rhythm.

Contact us online or give us a call at (301) 731-0003 for Greenbelt dance classes.