Hip Hop Dance Classes Near Colesville, MD

HIP- HOP (Ages 6 & Up): A break off of African Dance, Hip Hop will help the dancer loosen up, gain rhythm, and have controlled isolated movements. Also, the latest and greatest moves on any MTV and BET video.

There are a lot of barriers in place today for families looking for healthy environments. Kids face peer pressure at school, academic stress, and more. Busy parents may sometimes struggle to maintain a healthy balance between their own work and community obligations and raising happy kids. Enrolling kids in dance classes at Dance Makers Inc. provides a healthy outlet for them to learn something new and stay healthy. Parents can rest assured that their children are in a safe environment while learning valuable life skills.

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Our Hip Hop Dance Studio Near Colesville, MD

Dance Makers, Inc., in Maryland offers a variety of dance classes for children to unwind, learn new dance moves and spend time with peers. Hip hop dance classes are a popular option for trendy kids looking to keep up with the latest dance moves and music. The foundation of hip hop stems from African Dance. Trained instructors teach kids how to loosen their movements. Additionally, students learn controlled dance movements, isolating specific parts of the body. During hip hop classes in Maryland, children have fun while learning the most popular moves seen in their favorite music videos. A child who loves music and can’t get enough of popular culture will enjoy learning how to get up and dance just like their favorite musical artists.

Exposing a child to any type of dance offers many benefits, including a structured environment with knowledgeable instructors. Children will stay out of trouble when they can focus on reaching goals and enjoying a passion to dance. Hip hop dance class in Maryland teaches children healthy ways to manage the stress that life sometimes throws their way. The instructors focus on moving to the beat while placing importance on good nutrition to keep the body in ready condition for dancing. Other benefits associated with hip hop dance classes include:

    • Increased strength and flexibility
    • Improved cardiovascular health
    • Bonding with peers
    • Adaptable to all ages
    • Experience with goal setting
    • Improved stamina
    • Improved work ethic
    • Increased confidence

To learn more about the benefits of hip hop dance classes, or to experience them for yourself, call to schedule a trial class to make sure there’s room in a hip hop dance class, sign a waiver, and that’s it! If you like it, sign up! if not, thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach you!

Hip Hop Dance Classes Near Colesville, MD in Prince George’s County

Hip hop dance offers all the benefits of participating in a team sport or academic organization. Children who love to dance can have a way to express their selves while learning real dance moves. Dance Makers, Inc. in Maryland offers a wide range of kids’ dance programs including hip hop, ballet, floor gymnastics and more. In addition, they offer adult dance and Zumba classes. Sign up for hip hop dance classes near Colesville, MD today.