Dance Classes in Hyattsville, MD

When it comes to any type of physical activity, the best time for a person to learn is at a young age. This is because their body is more likely to adapt to the physical activity as it develops. It’s for this reason that a lot of parents will enroll their children in dance classes at a younger age since they are more likely to grow into skilled dancers as a result. If your child shows a passion or interest in either dancing or music, then you should consider enrolling them in one of our dance classes at Dance Makers in Hyattsville, MD.

We offer comprehensive dance classes for both children and adults that will meet all of your dancing needs. Not only do we have safe and state-of-the-art amenities, we also boast experienced dance instructors who will not only help your children develop dance skills but who will foster a joy for dancing as well.

Dance Classes Under One Roof in Hyattsville, MD

Our dance classes are available for a wide range of students, whether it’s younger children, more experienced children, or adults. Our wide range of dance classes, which include everything from ballet and tap dancing to Zumba and hip-hop dancing, are all available under one roof here at Dance Makers in Hyattsville, MD.

Dance Classes for Kids in Hyattsville

Dance classes are a great way for kids to not only follow their passion or interest in dance and music but also gives them a way to expend some energy, learn how to express themselves, get physical exercise, and boost their self-confidence.

Because teaching children how to dance at a younger age makes it easier for them to learn advanced dancing skills as they grow older, we take students as young as three years old in our special KinderDanz class. We will teach children who are just beginning a number of basic dance styles, including tap dancing, tumbling, and gymnastics.

Our instructors work with their students very closely; in fact, we understand that everyone learns at a different pace, which is why they will introduce appropriate dances that they can learn, which will only progress in complexity once the child is comfortable.

Be sure to contact us at Dance Makers online or call us at (301) 731-0003 to enroll in a dance class in Hyattsville, MD today.

Advanced Hyattsville Dance Classes

We have a variety of more complex dance classes available as well for both children and adults. These include ballet lessons, hip-hop classes, jazz dance classes, and lyrical dance classes. Children can enroll at age six as long as they’ve completed our basic dance classes. Many of our parents enroll in our Zumba classes.

How to Join a Dance Class in Hyattsville, MD

Whether you want to enroll your child in a dance class or would like to enroll in one of our adult dance classes, be sure to contact us at Dance Makers in Hyattsville, MD by visiting us online for more information today.