Dance Classes in Washington, DC

Dancing is an activity that can be fun as well as beneficial to your physical and mental health no matter how old you are. Whether you’re looking for a way to get some exercise while having fun or you want to encourage your child’s interest in dance, we have a variety of dance classes at Dance Makers in Washington, DC that are well worth checking out.

Our Dance Classes

The following are just a few of the dance classes that we have to offer here at Dance Makers:

  • KinderDanz – If you have young pre-school aged children (aged three or four), then we recommend enrolling them in our KinderDanz classes. These are introductory classes that teach kids the very basics of dance, including tumbling, tap dancing, and ballet. There’s no better way to further develop your children’s interest in dance, and our instructors will help to prepare them for more advanced classes by teaching them individual dance moves as well as how to listen and work together.
  • Tap Dance Tap dancing allows students to create music while they are dancing since their feet basically become percussive instruments.Tap dance classes help to develop a number of different skills, including rhythm, cooperation, self-confidence, and body awareness.
  • Jazz Dance – Our jazz dance classes implement a variety of different styles, including theatrical jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary funk. Students will be taught a variety of stretches, footwork techniques, and isolated movements. Additionally, like the musical form of jazz, students will learn how to improvise using movement. Students who take our jazz dance classes generally end up improving their rhythm, body awareness, strength, flexibility, concentration, and more.
  • Hip-Hop Dance – Our hip-hop dance classes are some of our most popular. This is because they incorporate some of the more popular hip-hop music as well as all the latest hip-hop dance trends. They are a great way to improve your rhythm, learn how to control isolated movements, and become more comfortable with loosening up on the dance floor. Not to mention that hip-hop dancing is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health, your stamina, your flexibility, your strength, and your confidence.
  • Ballet – Ballet is one of our more classical dance options. Students who learn ballet at an early age will improve their coordination, flexibility, confidence, discipline, and body awareness, all of which will be extremely beneficial throughout both their childhood and adulthood. Ballet also teaches grace, technique, and poise and is a great foundation for other types of dance.
  • Lyrical Dance – Lyrical dance focuses more on personal expression and improvisation than other types of dance classes and incorporates classical ballet, performance-based contemporary dance styles, and fluid jazz.

These are just some of the dance classes in Washington D.C. that you can take here at Dance Makers. To enroll your child in one of our dance classes in Washington D.C. or to try out a dance class for yourself, be sure to visit us online at Dance Makers or give us a call at (301) 731-0003 for more information today.