Dance Classes in Columbia MD

If you’re looking to encourage your child’s love of dancing or have a passion for dancing yourself, then you should consider enrolling in one of our many dance classes available here at Dance Makers in Columbia, MD. We have a variety of different dance classes that might appeal to your unique interests. Not only are our dance classes an incredible amount of fun, they can teach all kinds of skills—and they’re a great workout to boot! The following are a few of the dance classes that we have available here at Dance Makers:

  • KinderDanz – If you have a young child that loves music or loves dancing around, then consider our KinderDanz program. KinderDanz classes are specifically designed for preschool-aged children. They include basic ballet, tap dancing, and tumbling fundamentals to help prepare them for our other dance classes. Children will not only learn individual dance moves, they will also learn how to work together.
  • Ballet – Children who show a serious passion for dance may want to start ballet classes. Ballet is one of the most classical styles of dance and is considered a foundation for other types of dance as well. Students will learn grace, poise, and technique, all of which will help them to improve their flexibility, coordination, discipline, body awareness, and confidence.
  • Jazz Dance – Our jazz dance classes explore a variety of styles, including theatrical jazz, contemporary funk, and hip-hop. Students will learn different stretches, footwork, and isolated movements. A big part of jazz is also the ability to improvise, and students will certainly learn how to improvise on their feet. Jazz dancing is known to improve flexibility, strength, body awareness, rhythm, concentration, and creativity.
  • Tap Dance – Tap dancing is one of the most unique styles of dances in that the dance itself helps to produce the music by turning the feet into percussive instruments. Our introductory tap dance classes focus on tumbling, basic tap dancing moves, and some ballet. By learning how to tap dance, students will also improve their rhythm, self-confidence, body awareness, cooperation, and listening skills.
  • Lyrical Dance – Lyrical dance is a fusion of classical ballet, fluid jazz, and performance-based contemporary dance styles. No dance style is as focused on personal expression as lyrical dance. Students will learn all kinds of dance moves, while also being encouraged to improvise to the music that they are dancing to.
  • Hip-Hop Dancing – Hip-hop dancing is a popular style of dance, especially amongst children, due to its link to modern hip-hop music and dance trends. Our hip-hop dance instructors focus on teaching students specific dance movements, how to improve their rhythm, and how to loosen up.

These are just some of the options that you have here at Dance Makers if you’re looking to take a dance class in Columbia, MD. For more information about our dance classes or to enroll in a Columbia dance class today, be sure to visit us online at Dance Makers or give us a call at (301) 731-0003.