Lyrical Dance Classes in Washington, DC

We offer a wide selection of dance classes here at Dance Makers in Washington, DC. One of our most popular dance classes is our lyrical dance class. Lyrical dance combines multiple styles, including classical ballet, performance-centered contemporary dance, and fluid jazz. What makes it particularly unique is that in addition to incorporating learned and practiced movements, it also allows students to improvise, making lyrical dance one of the most self-expressive forms of dance there is.

The Growing Popularity of Lyrical Dance

Although lyrical dance was made popular back in the early 20th century in Russia, it’s seen something of a revival over the past decade as it’s entered the mainstream through numerous popular TV shows. If your child loves to dance and improvise to music, then there’s a good chance that they will enjoy our lyrical dance classes.

Our Washington, DC Lyrical Dance Classes

We offer lyrical dance classes for kids of all ages, including elementary school kids, tweens, and teens. In our lyrical dance classes for beginners, we will teach students the fundamentals of traditional styles, such as ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance.

Once students become more familiar with the fundamentals of lyrical dance, they will be taught how to express the lyrics of the music that they are dancing to through dance. The goal is to get the students to translate words into movement through the use of their dance skills and improvisational abilities. Although our dance classes are very disciplined, we encourage a fun experience as well.

It’s also worth noting that lyrical dance has allowed many performers to make a name for themselves as big-name artists at both concerts and stage shows. Lyrical dance is also an extremely flexible form of dance in that any type of music can be adapted. This also means that your child’s appreciation for different cultures is bound to improve as they continue to improve.

The Benefits of Lyrical Dance

The following are just a few of the reasons to consider enrolling your child into our lyrical dance classes here at Dance Makers in Washington, DC.

  • Improve their confidence – Learning new dance moves and improving them over time will make your child more confident in their abilities. This confidence is likely to translate to other areas of their lives as well.
  • Improve their physical health – Dancing is great exercise and a sure way to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.
  • Allow them to express themselves – The use of improvisation in lyrical dance means that students can find unique new ways to express themselves.

Choosing Dance Makers

If lyrical dance sounds perfect for your child, then there’s no better place to enroll them in Washington, DC than at Dance Makers. We are considered the premier dance studio for all types of dance in the Washington, DC area. Our instructors are all highly trained and experienced, which means that you can feel confident in their ability to not only teach your children to become proficient in lyrical dance but to do so in a safe and comfortable environment.

Our goal is to not only improve your child’s ability to dance, but also to increase their appreciation and enjoyment of dance as well. To do this, we make sure to pay attention to each student’s individual needs so that they can learn and develop new dancing skills at a pace that they are comfortable with.

If you are interested in enrolling your child into our lyrical dance class, then be sure to contact us at Dance Makers in Washington, D.C. by visiting us online.