Lyrical Dance Classes in Bowie, MD

If you notice that your child is interested or passionate about dancing or music, then you should think about enrolling them into one of our dance classes here in Bowie. While we offer many types of dance classes, we encourage you to check out our lyrical dance classes. Lyrical dance is a style that has been around since the early 20th century in Russia, but it has gained worldwide popularity over the past decade due to its exposure in many dance competitions aired on TV.

What makes lyrical dance classes so unique is that it teaches students some of the basics in a variety of dance styles, including jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance. Students then use what they learn to improvise to the lyrics of any given song.

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Lyrical Dance Class Benefits

Experience the Benefits of our Lyrical Dance Classes in Maryland

The following are just a few of the benefits that your child can enjoy by taking our lyrical dance classes:

  • Learn to express themselves – Self-expression plays an important part in a child developing a self-identity. Lyrical dance encourages students to express themselves in a unique way.
  • Learn self-discipline – Although self-expression and improvisation are encouraged, self-discipline is still very important, especially when it comes to learning the basics of a variety of dance styles required to be able to express themselves. Essentially, students will learn that self-discipline is important to their ability to express themselves.
  • Improve their fitness – Dance, in general, is a great way for kids to stay in shape. Lyrical dance classes will help your child to develop and improve their strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance.
  • Improve their self-confidence – The more dance moves that they learn, the more confident students will become in their abilities. Such confidence is invaluable to the development of a child.

Our Lyrical Dance Classes in Bowie, MD

Parents can be assured that their children will not only benefit from our lyrical dance classes, but that they will learn to dance in an environment that is safe, friendly, and fun. Our highly experienced and trained teachers will help develop your child’s passion for dance and music and will do so at their pace.

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Dance Makers’ mission is to save and strengthen youth by promoting their mental and physical well-being while encouraging their creativity through the study of dance and other performing arts. We are dedicated to the development of creativity and artistic talent in youth. Dance Makers’ certified instructors are committed to quality dance education and professionalism. It is our goal that students enjoy dance while learning proper technique and discipline.

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